Walking The Streets?!

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Yeah...this is just a short animation I did, out of boredom, after playing a couple of hours of PGA Tour 2004. That's right...HOURS.

Anyways, I hopes you enjoys it.



yea, about that... go live in a suburb. its realy nice here but im sorry, i dont think that can just happen. look on the bright side of town. but anyways the graphics seemed smooth but didnt have much movement. sound was good (background noise.) soo.. put a little more effort into it next time... effort means more than time


I Double Approve

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i don't know what the hell that was. i seemed to fulfil all the catergories for something that sucks shitty ass but it didn't.
i don't know i retract judgement, you're a strange individual

joberbichler responds:

So...you're saying it DIDN'T suck shitty ass? If that's the case, then, YES! OH YEAH! THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! It doesn't have to be good! IT JUST HAS TO NOT SUCK! W00T! YEAH! ROCK! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! OH YEAH! WHAT'S UP IN THE PIECE, YO?!!! Okay, I'm done. Thanks for viewing my crappy movie...YEAH! W00T!

Mr. Obe...

Judging by your imense intellect, I can only assume this piece of art has a far deeping meaning than anything anyone but yourself could comprehend.

Whatever you are trying to say...I hear you...and I agree.

joberbichler responds:

YES! FINALLY! Someone who understands! Thank you kind stranger, you have made my day!

Well wasen't that something.?

I haven't seen that in my 15 years of walking the streets.

joberbichler responds:

Well you should consider yourself lucky. Yep, everyone thinks it can't happen to them, WELL...IT CAN! Thanks and be careful, streets are dangerous.

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2.12 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2005
7:20 PM EST
Comedy - Original