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Shunned-Beta 2 re-release

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Well I realized something: No one gives a shit anymore about actual emotion. I spent months on this just developing some artistic symbolism (poorly drawn I know, but still) to portray what suffering ive gone through. Some people convince me to put it on here, but no one gives a shit. For Christ's sake a stick man jacking off and shooting it in his mouth got a higher score and more reviews than this. So im re-releasing it hoping people will actually give a shit about me trying to express myself. !->Dont forget to vote and write reviews<-!. I dont know how im gonna end it yet so gimme some ideas (although I have quite a few), however maybe ill get a better fucking score if it showed A FUCKING STICKMAN DANCING AS A MAN SLAMS A BABY INTO A WALL WITH A PICTURE OF SOMEONE MASTERBATING DRAWN ON IT! Fucking immature bastards. Originally I gave a majority of the portal audience credit for being intelligent, some however proved me wrong. To all of those of you who are intelligent, and do care...my sincerest apologies. To the rest of you idiots who don't give a shit...FUCK YOU!

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it was okay

i mean this is good artwork but i don't get it it's just flying comets...but that's what you think it's the poor rose in the middle of it....see my mum is a florist but that's got nothing to do with it good work and keep it up
i would say to myself not that violent but stick with th age description at the top.
Keep up the good work

The emotion in it was so butiful.

This was a pice of master work in the making.Your drawing skills are'nt bad at all.The emotion in it was sad but butiful.Please finish it for I may find out what happen. P.S. All thouse how don't like your work on this means that they them selves have no imotion.

That was fantastic, but you HAVE TO FINISH IT!!!

Fuck what everyone else thinks...so far I think that it's great and you shouldn't listen to what any of those retards think! They wouldn’t know talent if it bite them in the ass! Sorry for cursing excessively but I wish that I could make flash movies just like yours. I have to learn! lol...Anyway, can't wait to see what it looks like in the end! Keep those ideas coming and the good work.

It was great so far!

You really need to finish this, it would be awesome. I enjoyed watching it and I will check in later to see how the rest goes. Just ignore the negative comments. You're doing a great job.

Really good!

I would love to see you finish this. Some people are dicks, but don't let them get you down. I am sure a finished version of this will get you a load of fan support. Two thumbs up for the early edition.

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2.83 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2001
1:34 AM EDT