Diary of William Ostler

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Update : Wow, first page after less than a day, and daily third. Just to answer a few questions in advance, yes, I'll make more, and no, I didn't steal the idea of a 'Die-ry' from Johnny the Homocidal Maniac. I've never read any, and came up with the idea completely on my own.

Original Comments:

I'd always wanted to make a serious flash series, and this is the first episode. It came out better than I expected, made the front page of ABS, so I decided to submit it here as well. Take a look, tell me if you like it. I might make more.

Not much more to say, really... Graphics drawn by hand (using a mouse) in Flash 5, voiceover recorded on a plain old computer mic, music cropped and eq'd in Accoustica. Includes clips from songs by David Bowie, Haujobb, and the Electric Hellfire Club.



dude u actually like all that stuff coz i certanly dont all this talk about a place where people are packed to gether reminds me of what happend to the jewish people

t3h-m4tt responds:

Haven't you heard? The holocaust was just something the Jews made up to make people feel sorry for them! Geez, I hate ignorant people. You probably think the earth is actually ROUND, don't you?

Seriously though, I understand if it's not your bag, baby. Make sure not to watch the next one!

good stuff.

good job.
now offtopic ramblings:
they do make you take counselling if you turn stuff like that in.
Then you go to this room where a homosexual shrink asks you,
How do you feel?Have you ever been abused as a child?
Are you gay?If so,what kind of sex fantasies you have?
Do you mind if i hypnotise you,what if you have a repressed memory of your parents abusing you stuck in your mind?
They get in under your nails,and start torturing you over and over,
untill all is left a carnage,a pathetic,sobbing baby.
AHEM.Not that i had to experience something like that of course...

t3h-m4tt responds:

And then he tricks you in to thinking that you're a necrophile, when in reality all your life you've been searching for the perfect werewolf? Heavy stuff, man. Um. Ditto about the experiance thing.

it was ok but really wierd

this is really weird really wierd if that was actually a place that would be really scary i would never go there only retarted stoners were go there cause they'll proberbly think it's fun but w/e so ya yo i feel like writing more shit for you people to read so ya by the time you have finished reading this you have already read it!!!

Not too shabby

a nice style of graphics using the pencil animation but the style was poor , by this i mean meyby using a pan line instead of peices of paper to resemble screens.

nice peice =5


it was good. sounded like the monty python bit.

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Mar 21, 2005
3:41 AM EST
Comedy - Original