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Sky Bombs v.[Fixed Sound]

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It came to my attention that the sound was not working in a few areas, due to the clashing of the stopAllSounds() and playing mp3s in the same frame, the solution was a movie clip:
1st frame: stopAllSounds()
2nd frame: (play wave)
3rd frame: stop();

I don't know if you care, but there you go. Enjoy Sky Bombs!


I dont like your work

you should stop making computer shit dude. it aint meant to be your gig for sure.

hmm buggy

if you press the fire button five times in succession the screen slows down it happened eigth times your a turd.


ummmmmmmm........it was alright could have been better........keep workin on it


its a lot better with some added to it, but the game itself was still rather easy. if you make another game like this, make it a bigger challenge.

It's pretty good

Unfortunately, the game wasn't all that challenging, and I lost interest rather quickly. Also, if I'm trying to save a city, why is the plane flying through a valley?

Make this game a little harder and maybe throw in some power-ups, and it'll be great! I honestly could see this game getting very addictive if it were sped up.

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Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2005
12:32 PM EST
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