Mario: Just another day

March 19, 2005 –
December 5, 2019
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A typical day in the mushroom kingdom.
Inspired by RotMK. Before anyone tries to blam, I DID NOT STEAL ANY SPRITES FROM RotMK. Making mario look angry is easy, all you have to do is replace two pixels ;)

Anyways, enjoy the movie =)



Good..just two things....

1. For some reason Nintendo never shows Peach and Mario as a love interest. Just as they're great friends. Nothing more. This puzzles me as in almost all Mario sprites (and not sprite) movies they always fall in love.


Nice and simple.

This is about Mario in a nutshell is what i got from it with Mario going along his merry way then the princess gets captured then he goes and defeats Bowser,nice job on making it so simple yet so good to watch.


i liked the movie and the bloopers

The movie was good and all but...

dude...its kinda like the movie you made called "Sonic: Thats no good." I'm not talking thats its short. I'm saying its really good but needed some improvement in a few areas


I like the second blooper when Luigi jus says "lol". Other than that, the only problems I have are that events and characters seem to move a little fast, which I guess still made the fight a bit more interesting.


I loved it keep it up! By the way how long did it take you to do this?


very good job on this! it was good and it didnt need to be funny. once again nice job!

All i can say is..

Mario has some dull days... Still a cool flash.. :)


In the bloopers Luigi said: lol when he got the poison mushroom to Mario.....LOL!!!

niiiiice...love the bloopers ^_^

that was pretty cool but the only thing i dislike is the battle between bowser and mario...it could have been a little tougher since mario is so small and bowser is so big! other than that...great!

you're not so bad with flash

I thought the graphics were great and I liked the blooper. You aren't so bad after all with flash. I liked the music you took from Super Mario 64.

Not bad. Not that good but it's not that bad

Like they say, it's funny because it's true. After all this basicly is what mario is all about, start a new day/game, get a power up, princess gets kidnapt, jump around, beat up bowser and save the princess, you wonder how he puts up with her. But still this flash has good quality animation, amazing sound and when peach gets kidnapt (again) it's kinda funny.


The just another day thing is cool! I enjoyed it. Good work!!

very well done!

i liked the whole "just another day" theme. it was really nice. the bloopers were hilarious. GREAT JOB!

Not bad

Well before Cockoa goes blabbing bout this small short,the guy that reviewed it before me doesn't know how 2 round. He/she typed { i give it a 7.8/10 } but he wrote down the overall score as 7.... 7 not 8 7!!!!!! it is suposed 2 b 8 not 7, Cockoa meens common 7.8 rounds 2 8 not7...... 7! You silly person..... that was smart!oh yea the flash was good.


I loved the part right at the end of the bloopers section when luigi gives mario the blue mushroom, he dies and all luigi says is "lol". that DID make me lol for real. Nice one.
Ok, so...
Graphics look good, obviously rips from the origanal game but it's not like i've never seen that one before..
Style's ok. Like the text comments at the end like "Awww ;)"
Sound was pretty good and i immidiatly identified the tunes as coming from the ol' Super Mario 64 which was good to hear really. (don't ask why; i don't know... it just was damnit!)
Voilence, OMG mario bopped bowser!! Violence rating goes up from 0 to 1 omgomgomgmgghlashfalalsfas!!11.
Interactivity a 3 because of the 'play' 'replay' and 'Bloopers' clickables..
Humor at a good 7 simply because of the end part which made me laugh.
All in all, a good flash. Well done!


It was cool, just work a lil more on the humor.

nice little flash

I always liked the sprite anamations. This one was like a little nice intermistion one. It seemed like a average mario day. I meen, most of the games are to save peach.

A little bit of a substitute

A pretty good Mario sprite flash,and definitely well-suited to be a short. However, there's nothing original that hasn't been done before in this flash and I really did feel you were just trying to make a spin off of ROTMK, and you shouldn't try to do that, because ROTMK can never have any substitutes....
First off, graphics. Nothing wrong with the graphics I loved them - they were cute and pretty and taken right out of Mario. The sprites moved with grace and like other Mario flashes I don't normally like films just made up of sprites (because it could be considered as lazy), but with this flash it worked and I liked that you included some of your own graphics. However, I think you could have drawn some of your own stuff better such as the heart and the speech-bubbles. But overall graphics were great, and I liked that block border for good presentation.
Sound, next. Superb, because again this was taken right out of Mario. I loved the familiar music and the sound effects were crisp and accurate. However, I did think you could of included more music more often since there were times when the music just cut out and it was silent, and because this flash is meant to have action it it this brief silence makes the flash seem a little rushed and really doesn't suit it. I also think you could of added more sound effects such as a scream when Bowser was defeated and some presentation music at the beginning credits.
Content is good but unfortunately it doesn’t really outshine the other two aspects of this game, and as a flash this should because content > looks of the flash, any author should know that. Whilst the flash was happy and cheerful I just felt you didn't offer much originality - for example spinning Bowser around and jumping through the roof? Seen It I'm afraid, like most of the aspects in the flash. The fight on the roof was taken right out of ROTMK and I was kind of annoyed to see most of that was taken out of another flash, because if you can't pull it off as well as the original you should just use your own ideas. There was some humour in the flash like the part with a close up of Peach kissing Mario, and the extra 'bloopers' part of the flash with all the funny outtakes. But that was practically as long as the actual flash and that shouldn't be, I mean the actual story should be the heart of the flash compared to this little extra. In all honesty the flash was a little boring - Mario gets a power-up, goes to get Bowser, defeats him, the end. Not much is it? You really need to create some side stories, and I'm sorry to bring ROTMK into this but what Randy Solem really does is create mood and originality in his flashes, he brings the characters to life. You can use the Mario sprites, but use them as frames for your own story, bring Mario to life in the way YOU want. However, I do acknowledge you tied well on this and it is very suitable for a short, I like the bit of drama in it with Bowser and this is good for a bit of entertainment.
In Conclusion, a nice try for a short but unless you take this further, this never will go beyond that flash that is good for ' a quick 5 minute chuckle'. I'm sorry to be giving some negative points about this, but in all honesty I feel as if it's just a clear remake of ROTMK (and I mean a re-make, it's obvious you watched it and use it for this) and that we are just staring at a lesser substitute. This is satisfactory though and isn't so bad that you need to re-make it, I just think a more thoughtful sequel could be in order. Improve and impress us, well done :)

You have just been reviewed by

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the biggest review i've ever recieved! You're critique, and your praise. I have to admit, you're absolutely right. My next project is going to be much MUCH better.


That was actually really good, especially for the time it took to make it, and I didnt see any gfx problems this time :) good job

not bad

well it was pretty much just like all the other mario flashes, did like music and bloopers. What i wasnt to see is a mario flash with mario 64 style graphics.

Yep another mario movie

Didn't mind it, nice use of sprites...but I've seen a few hundred of these mario shorts. Look foward to seeing other flash from you...

Just another Mario movie

It was good, but it wasn't anything new. If you were the first to do this I would have given a 5, but I have seen countless mario movies, and nothing happened in this one that hasn't been done before.
Can't give higher then a 3 rating.

Not bad!

Honestly, that was pretty good.
And the bloopers were great.


That was really badly animated, and that battle was ROTMK, if it was made by a 10 year old.

Nicely Done

lol a nice parody of Mario. Nice work on sound, animation was pretty nice (I liked the 3d Mario vs. Bowser jump) and it was basically funny. Bloopers was a funny touch.


it was better than nothing.i liked the music

yep... another one.

lol, there are simply way too many Mario movies with an extremely similar story line to this one for just any old Mario movie to be considered 'good' these days, i recken.
this had an average plot, with average graphics and animation to me, but it was pretty funny throughout the movie.
i really think that you need to smooth out the animation a bit, and DEFINATELY get some better speach bubbles...
overall, it was pretty average.
(THE THUMB: sideways)

The bloopers made it worth-while

Though the movie was a bit short, it was very well done, but the bloopers were a great touch.
I look forward to seeing more, if you have the time to do longer animations work on that and improving the story-line and... of course, more bloopers.
Rock on!

Ahh the Mario Mishaps guy must be jealous

The main story of the flash was pretty good but of course since u mentioned ROTMK i couldn't help but compare, and thats never a good thing to compete against. But I did like it. Then the outtake at the end, the first one was hilarious. I bet the guy who does Mario Mishaps wish he woulda thought of that. Good job.

You're getting better

every flash i see you make just keeps on getting slighty better. its really nice to see this improvement but theres still a lot to be done. first off, you plot was kinda lame man. a short fight between mario and bowser with a lil peach and luigi action here and there isn't very original. mario flashes are very common, so try to make yours stick out from the others. the bloopers were decent, but they could be a little more creative. but still man, your getting better. a little more tweaking and you'll be in the 3 range. gj

Very short.

I don't understand how you can make a bad sprite movie. This one wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. It was short, although the clarity of the music and sound FX was pretty good. The story was very chopped up, and you can tell it took maybe an hour to do. Make more effort next time.

it was...


nice job.

pretty good job. i liked the bloopers the most though lol.


good spriting. it has many games put into it like mario 64 n the original marios kudos to you keep up tha good work. (make another) nice bloopers !!

Pretty good

Animation was good. The storyline typical Mario stuff. The humour in bloopers was nice. My only discrepancy was Bowser got beaten like a bitch. Nice job kiddo.

It's okay.

There really wasn't much to it. It was okay for what it was, but I wouldn't rave about it. There needs to be a little more substance.

Mario: Just Another Cartoon

I'll highlight the good points first.

*Graphics- Good job on the sprite animation. It's fluid and the sprites transitioned nicely to flash.
*Sound- Good ol' game music & sound effects. Nothing wrong with that.
*Language- I enjoyed the use of pictures to portray the character's speech. It kept the movie fast paced.
*Humor- The Bloopers section was GREAT! It was my favorite part of the whole flash. It's what inspired me to write the review. Very funny stuff.

This is what I disliked...
*Theme/Style- The basis of the flash (excluding the bloopers) is dull. Mario loves peach, bowser takes her away, battle ensues... zzzzzz. Maybe it was a satire of how Mario games are repetetive when it comes to storyline, but this flash put me to sleep...

It was good

The only thing to comment on was the speed of how the sprites ran. It might look better with some more frames maybe..


I liked it . better than it was expected


i like it


not bad... I liked the opening animation... very good... and the battle secence.. although somewhat... unsepenceful of drematic... it was good... and I like the ending... good for mario... hahaha... oh.. and the blooper real was a definet plus...


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3.31 / 5.00