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Grave Expectations

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This is the 2nd toon I ever made. This one is about 90% cell animation. I tried to mix grey into all the colors on this one, to give it a little grunge.

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Okay, you are WAY overrated.

You come up and tell me I should quit. This comes from a guy with two okay drawings in his animations, but otherwise incredibly overrated. I am at a loss as to how you have such a high score. Probably because they have death in them. You show someone dying, you get a 3 or higher for sure I suppose. Anyways, until you've made a cartoon that's longer than a minute, I'm ignoring your purely negtative reviews. But thanks anyways!

Dope as hell!

Not only is this excellent animation for being a first, but it's totally my style. Cool beginning, short and funny. I don't know who this ABob is, but he has about as much insight as a sack of rocks.
Obviously time and thought was put into this flash and was successful in doing so.



And you think I cant do Flash.This was sloppy non thought uout, random junk.I think this Flash caught the PumpkinPlauge and its sick and needs to be quarintined.This had no story line.Sound was worst than anyone elses on NG.Bad animation.Bad CARTOON.And what kind of name is Crazy Toonz?!!That is a mediocre poorly thought up name for your medicore poorly thought up Flashes!!

Now lets compare me with you.

ABob-Batting Average: 2.16 | PumpkinPlauge:-none-
Submissions by ABob:18 | Submissions by PP:2
Art by ABob:Crappy but still, crappy is the best! |Art by PP:Medicore
Animation by ABob:Crappy and still cute. | Animation by PP: Twitchy
Abob's Popularity: I get fans all the time!! | PP popularity:No one likes you.
Overall score for ABob:Better than PP | Over score for PP: Less than.


Poor little Dude got eaten.

I thought this toon was entertaining. The author has a unique style and definate flash and animation skills. I would like to see more from this guy. Good work, keep'em coming.


PumpkinPlague responds:

Yeah, pretty short and sweet. Anyone who is wandering a Grave Yard on Halloween deserves to be eaten, don't you think? Have you seen Xombie? That cat has some super freaky zombie action over there!


what exactly was this suppose to be? I am confused...