Oh My God - Pilot

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here's an awful series - part one!!


This flash rocks!

Great animation, concept, and sound. I loved it! 5's all the way!

a slice of awesome pie

back in the beggining of 2005 I saw this flash and it is one of my top ten favorite flashes on newgrounds, it is original, has an intrigueing plot, and has funny characters. this series is the best and you should definetly continue it!!!

Nice animation.

Really loved the animation. Wasn't as funny as I'd thought it'd be but nice work anyhow. You think the voice acting could be a bit more enthusiastic though?


When is saw this i LOVED it,It ROCKS!!!......anyway i reckon the graphic are great,it style rocks hardcore,THe music and sound is awsome,Ok violence,Wicked humor and overall Total awsome.

Not bad... not bad at all....

Graphics - 10 because i like the facial expressions and that type of cartoon work.

Style - 10 because it has great style :D

Sound - 9 because i had to turn up my speakers a bit, but other than that no fuzziness or anything like that.

Violence - 4 because the only thing related to violence really is when he gets run over and there is no blood so yeh... 4

Interactivity - 0 because there is none, i dont think there was even a play button... but it doesnt change my view :D

Humour - 8 I like this because i usually laugh at stuff that isnt funny and I laugh at puns that are so bad they're funny, kinda like this :)

Overall - 9 Just a bit too short really i was hoping for it to be filled with laugher but i was dissapointed to see it end so soon :(

But keep up the good work dude *thumbsup*

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2005
1:17 PM EST
Comedy - Original