Dr. Psychotron

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This is the 3rd toon I have ever done. At first I didn’t like it that much. After coming back to it, and blowing off the dust, it’s got some potential. The spinning intro., is probably my favorite part. I really dig the strange Satan vs. Heaven thing that happened at the end. I didn’t really plan that …


This movie Rocked! I want to see more!

I was really impressed with this cartoon. The graphics and the style were awesome. Also The story was great! I can't wait to see another one. Please make more! :)

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PumpkinPlague responds:

Hey man,

Thanks for the input. This is an older cartoon, but I have a new one in the works that will be sweet. Come back and check it soon! Thanks for dropping a note ...

'The Pumpkin Plague'

pretty boring

dude, this story is stupid and boring.. and SO slow and not very visually apealing.. try harder

PumpkinPlague responds:

I would like CAN this review. After watching your Flash I CAN't seem to find the point. It's unCANNY, and a bit worse than the 'Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles.' If I were you, I would watch more of that (so you can get more content ideas), and quit trying to CANimate.

'The Pumpkin Plague'

Ya'all missed it!

Texas turtles always get run over! And the kick ass part was the old lady waving her Harry Potter wand with no results!
I think it rocks and needs sequels. The arch-enemy of Dr. PsychoTron - Jose the Taco vendor!


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It was kinda lame but nice try

Without seeing the other animations, I can say

The good:

You obviously have a handle on animation, motion, and some experience in Flash.

Original voicework with Doctor Psychotron

Good opening music

The bad:

You must develop a unique style that sets you apart from Legendary Toad or say, Paladin. Bad or good, try to work on that.

Everyone else had bad voicing, and you need a lot of help with choreography in scenes.

The ugly:

Fix the preloader

Use more background music during the animation, ESPECIALLY for humorous animations.

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PumpkinPlague responds:

Hey Dude,

I appreciate your input, and I agree with it.

(The Pumpkin Plague)

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3.29 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2005
10:23 PM EST
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