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Sloth Music Video

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Author Comments

No, ti's not sloth from the Goonies. Well, here it is again. Just because I'm a newbie, don't treat me like crap. I'm not putting up worthless shit, or porn or anything shitty like that. I actually tried to do something even though it isn't the greatest Flash movie in the world. I hope it'll be up long enough for some people to actually get a chnace to see it......8 hours is a crock.....I'd have hoped for a couple days or so just to get a little feedback. Sorry if I'm a newbie, but does that instantly put me at everyones elses judgemental arrogance? I try and do something good, and it's just trashed in 2 seconds. I don't go around wreaking havoc on other people's videos. Just give me a chance at least, and maybe I won't mind putting up something else in the future!....

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This is horrible

This is a waste

that was stupid

i actually wanted to like it before i stared watching it. i read your huge wall of text about how your new and you want your movies to last longer. well first off, your movies need to have a point unless its supposed to be random and funny.

it wasn't a story about a sloth, hell you didn't even draw a sloth. you copied pictures of sloths into flash and made them twirl, zoom, or fade out. then you added text. and i guess you did add audio.

but the audio wasn't all that great. and i think your only joke was "he has a wee wee".


thats the punchline?

I seriously wanna know how this made it in. You need to put more time and effort into your works before you submit them again. I know it's fun posting and checking the views on it and such, but that will come in due time. don't half ass something stupid, submit it, then complain about everything getting trashed in 2 seconds.

i hope you didn't take this offensively, i'm just throwing in my 2 cents. I'm gonna look at some of your other work now, and i hope it's some stuff that might be more interesting.

Achilles2 Was Right!

He was completely right! It's not you that is crap. It's what you submit is crap. How did this even make it? I still have yet that question to answer!

Sloths forever!

Awesome video! You are definatly on of the more talented newgrounds artists

Eh, t'was alright

But your screen name sucks!

Credits & Info

2.16 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2001
2:59 PM EDT
Music Video