Music/Grassland Collab

March 18, 2005 –
July 9, 2018
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Author Comments

A collab my brother started and I helped with. Introducting...BubbleLock, the newest addition to my inner circle of Lock Buddies. Aw well...Enjoy! ~Maple

Made for my opening act so to say. Enjoy y'all! ~LaserStudios (aka BubbleLock)


lol, you get perfect for randomness and PWN... ...OMFG

the part with the bubble holding the two sword was hilarious but you need to make it better

Pie told me to watch this and i thought omfg this sucks to be honest, even i can animate better, this is not to be offensive but i think you need to stop slacking off and come back to LL

i gave this a five because chop suey was in it. that's all i have to say. chop suey is a good song.

sorry man this was utter trash. I'm sick of the clock crew. all their stuff sucks, i'd like someone to just make a parody of the clock crew dying or something. Their stuff is just retarted. I gave you a 10 in the sound because of the song. You must have tallent cause well..you put together this flash aniamtion. I just hoped you'd use that tallent in bringing together something different than clock-this and clock-that.

This is crap, the quality is good, however a 2, this does not deserve.

thats not funny ..... AT ALL!!! wtf is with the 2.89 rateing :S

<3 to you sirs

I want those minutes of my life back that you wasted with this crap..

Just like all your others purity. This is not quality flash at all, and you can thank the lock legion for your high score.


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2.19 / 5.00