Color Me

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A color intensive dress up game with secrets and different modes for viewing.

Be sure to read the pop-ups about the secrets you've unlocked! They tell you how to use them.

A huge thanks to all the nice reviews.
A sequel has been and is still in the works. It will be worth the wait, I promise.


really good for a dressup

not much more to say, made me hard

LeviFolds responds:

haha - glad to hear it


This is AWESOME Dress up game better them thos gay Drag and Drop icons...You can Color/Dress Undress/Unlock Secrets/ The music i didnt like... maybe at like a small player? to change the sound...

LeviFolds responds:

i originally had a player - unfortunately, the filesize was huge so i took the other tracks out - but hey, music is better than no music

Cowboy Bebop

I didn't actually play the game, cause, well, I'm not really into dressup games, but GREAT choice of music. Cowboy Bebop freakin' owns, man. Gave you a 10 in both Graphics and Sound cause the graphics looked okay from what I saw and the music pwned. =)

LeviFolds responds:

bebop is the shit - spread the word - i had two other tracks from the show, but the filesize was too large (8+mb) so i took them out for space saving purposes - but i had 'greenbird', which is the song that plays in the 'ballad of the fallen angels' episode when spike is falling out of the cathedral window, and 'piano bar', which is in some other episode...i dunno off hand - anyways, glad you enjoyed as much as you saw

Strangly quite fun and addictive... well kinda :P

Lol, its a great game. I found all the secrets, found liiike 4/5 on my own, the rest had 2 read otha reviews :P

Its a great change frm otha dress ups, simple yet fun. Great drawing and i liked the art work :D something different and something classy.

Cheers mate!

LeviFolds responds:

second time someone said it was classy - im liking this

great job

i liked it becase you didnt just throw something together in 30 minutes how long did it take you any way

LeviFolds responds:

i dunno how long it took exactly . i estimated in the game info (the little orange "I" icon button next to the quality toggle and help button . about two weeks, maybe 12 hours

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4.13 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2005
5:50 AM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up