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Robots aren't supposed to have emotions...
However, perhaps robots can be conscious of the fact that they lack something essential that humans have and sometimes take for granted, or perhaps they can have emotions and not be aware of it...

-Daily second place! Well, I'm thrilled but the robot is pretty indifferent about it.
-Thank you Tom, for featuring this on the frontpage! (March 19th-21st)



Hey man, that was awesome.

Wow...That was a good flash, great everything. I felt really sorry for the robot, and im sure 99% of the people who saw this felt sorry too.

Keep up the good work...make a happy flash!!

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Thanks Seibautpau, if that is your real name. ^_^

Maybe someday I will make a happy flash... but it might be awhile before I know how to do that... :P

Thanks for reviewing and for the 10!

completely true for this age of apathy

the animation was top notch in my opinion. and the message is competely true. so many people take for granted the power of their own emotions as well as those around them. they are often unaware of the damage they cause by doing damn stupid things like having one night stands, cheating, and lying about love. its abhored. emotions are the things that the human subconscious cannot control no matter how hard you try. we currently reside in an age of apathy; we have built a 'wall' in an attempt to sheild ourselves from own own sins and faults. but guit is the one thing we cannot escape. the only thing the little tinman wanted was to feel the things that we feel every day nut never pay any minor attention to. next time, just look at the sky and you'll understand. beaufiul flash. damn that was a lon review xD

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It was very good. It seemed serious. But, I like your style and the music you chose.

Nice job


BlackmarketKraig responds:

Wow, thank you so much.

It sounds like you're saying that seeming serious is a bad thing... Maybe I just I misunderstood...

Anyway, thanks for reviewing and for the 10!!

Wow Very Hearttaking

I felt like i was transcribed ot a new world when i watched this, u have major skills, well done well done , ive tried flash but i dont rele no how to do beutiful peice s like this

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Thank you so much! You're very sweet.

I don't know how qualified I am to be giving flash advice so I'll stick with something generic:

Practice makes perfect. Don't give up.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome review and the 10.


this is probley the most unique aniamtion ever made by that i mean beatiful graphics very fantasy like..i like your preloader with the robot and just a flower... very art wise :) but not only is the graphics good but so is the movie its very touching you get a 10

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Wow, thank you so much!

Well the preloader really has nothing to do with the movie... it was just a little picture I drew for fun, but I thought it would be a cool little thing to stick someplace! Thanks for saying something about it! ^_^

...and thanks for the awesome review!

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4.05 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2005
1:58 AM EST