Ragnarok - Prelude 3

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prelude 4 halfway complete, and on hiatus...place i have been working at for the past 8years burned to the ground...very hectic week trying to reconstruct everything.



i really hate ragnarok online infact i really hate all online games i think they are a huge waste of time and people need to get out more but i liked the flash =)

That was GREAT

THE best RO animation ive seen...I love the way you combine anime with ragnarok (even though i kinda hate anime), Because you do it in a way that follows the story and enriches it...I also like the fact that the hero didnt survive like that typical anime cliche (one of the reasons why i hate it xD)...Maybe theyll Rez him, but all in all 5/5


Even though it's mainly animated and added on, I totally feel like a newbie little novice on iRO. Damn...even when I stopped, my characters were only in their 50's. Wow seriously....damn....feel like such a kid....

WELL ANYWAY!! That was a great flash movie! Can't wait for 4 to come out, really wanna know the story.

PS that dragon lady scares me, especially in that form...HEAL PLZ!! ACH NO! REZ PLZ!! I GOT LEAF!! NO DON"T TAKE MY LEAF AND RUN!!

Nice stuff.

I like RO a lot, and also I liked this movie. I just watched all three of them, and it's really nice. The humour isn't great, but the violence is, so that's all good. I'll definately watch the next episode. Good job.

Reply, YOU *******

Nice, where did you get the sprites? Also, of course the fool died. Who the hell goes up aginst an orc lord and hero, ALONE!, and survives :P Maybe a lord knight, a sin cross, and a high preist, all at level 99, but ONE PERSON! Well, yeah, i need rag sprites. I have an idea for a movie.

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Mar 17, 2005
3:53 PM EST
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