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A strange man begins to change his ways.

"It made me feel very nice, it had a really warm feeling about it." - Firth


Still one of my absolute favorites, even after all these years.

Well, I'll start off by saying the animation on character design fit very well into the "creepy" feel. Back when I first found this, I didn't quite understand. I get it know.

He kills the lady at the end because when he says he doesn't have to wait anymore if he does things himself, he doesn't wait for her to die. He goes right ahead and kills her himself.

As for the change of clothes thing, maybe he does that because it's his way of showing his change. In the description it says a strange man begins to change his ways, so maybe this is how he expresses it. That or instead of waiting to get new clothes, he takes them right off the victims and wears them. I'm not exactly sure, but it sure adds to the mood.

Fantastic animation, plot and characters. I love it, it gives me the "spooky feel" for the day taht enjoy so much.

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Holy christ. I watched this video way back when I was 10 and didn't understand a pinch of english.
It didn't make much sense to me then, but now it does, and seeing it again now is really strange to me. I remember being puzzled by the ending (I still am, sorta), but the rest of it is much more coherent and even relatable!
I'm glad to have found this yet again. :)

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I didn't much care for the animation, and at first I thought maybe the guy had gone mad? But of course it couldn't be that. After watching it again, I think that maybe the girl jumped off a building, and the guy was trying to help her by "doing it himself". I have no idea what to think of all the rest though. But the way he recalled his realization was rather striking. I think there's a connection between what the cashier lady said and what he did to that other lady.
This is all conjecture though :))
But I think you've got a novel concept :D 4 stars.

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pretty epic love these graphic :D ^.^

this is the kind of stuff i wanna see in a small animation violence some comedy and strange things the characters are fucking amazing there like mutants love it keep it up :)

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4.10 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2005
2:23 AM EST