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A strange man begins to change his ways.

"It made me feel very nice, it had a really warm feeling about it." - Firth


Bizarre, yet interesting

It's kindof funny how everyone immediately assumes the author of this flash is ripping off of another artist's style. Now, I'm not familiar with Firth, but regardless... Yes, people have their individual styles, but it is near impossible to avoid looking like someone else's work.

I never really understood this flash until reading things over again and listening to what he said. Really bizarre. Keep up the work


that was.........odd. funny...but odd

terrific flash animation

For those of you idiots who this animation passes over your head, shut up.

This animation is about the Grim Reaper changing to benifit his line of work better. He uses the checkout line to understand how to better.

The dress im not too sure on, but maybe it has something to do with him wanting to be more on the human level, or the creator is crazy like that.

This is not like the work of david firth, its a style of animation and is used in many places (like johnny the homicidal maniac). David Firth's animations usually are more sketchey and creepy. This flash however had more of a storyline and less of a "creep you out" vibe.
So all of you idiots out there who are like "OMGWTFZORS YOU ARE FUCKED IN THE HEAD KILL YOURSELF", shut the fuck up and get a life. i bet you couldnt do any better in flash.

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that was pretty bizarre, but it is probably something the grim reaper would do eventually. i liked it. nice and clever, just kinda weird lookin people.

Not Bad

Had you not stated that it was death or the reaper, then I would have related it to something more relevent to my life. Like Technocracy and the buisness world. Not bad

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4.10 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2005
2:23 AM EST