Brunk's PokeMon ep.2

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This is the second episode of my PokeMon series. Unlike episode 1, this one actually has a plot. The villains aren't based off anyone in particular.

This story has a hidden meaning: There's no shame in making fun of someone over the internet, but make sure you keep it there. If someone bothers you, just flame back. You can also post in your own blog, website, or even make a Flash cartoon about them. But whatever you do, be sure to keep it online. Hell, you can even just ignore it.


Not bad, but not Amazing.

Nothing really special. But it was worth the time.

Pretty Funny Movie

Pretty funny movie, what with MissingNo. and all. But, I don't have sound, that's why I rated it as a 0, sorry..but still, that was a funny movie, except Mewto's supposed to be the most powerful Pokemon clone of all, right? So how did he get destroyed? *shrugs*

- db-mon-con

nice one

like the person before me battling ppl from newgrounds would be awesome but for the next one i think the ppl and you should have like rare pokemon like entei or others like that.

that was awsome!

I like porygon2 to.

i just wonder 2 things,

how come you gave those guys a clefairy and a ditto,
and was still a hard match?

I mean you had porygon2 and mewtwo.

oh and are you working on more of these series.

it kinda makes pokemon cool in this.

maybe I'll battle you one day.

lol that was funny!

i calt the missing no on my game and it got all fucked up so i threw it out the 17 store window.
never sall it agein for some reson even tho i wanted it the next day.

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4.02 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2005
2:22 AM EST
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