S.M.B. Bloopers

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**UPDATE** i fixed some sound timmings, some tweenings and i added a preloader.

This is my very first flash movie.
i had inspiration in Super Mario Mishaps and the spoofs made by Randy solem, and i made it for the 20th anniversary of the Nes game
I really hope you to enjoy this movie


very good

this is at least a 3.0 movie, i mean come on, it's really long, and the jokes were funny...next time, just improve on your graphics, and this should get over a 3, definitely...keep up the good work! i hope to see another...good job man!

Crazy Good

dude this is the best thing since Mario Mishaps. seriously, i have no idea why your score is just over a 2. in my opinion this is at least 3.2 material, and trust me i kno what i'm talking about cuz i've made a decent mario parady of my own. alrite here's what i think :

graphics : your sprite animations were done very well and i loved how the scenes were and camera movements were exactly like the game's. also, nice lil custom stuff here and there and the barf/fart stuff was pretty well drawn.

sound/humor : very funny. the way you timed the punchlines and fx were near perfect. a good part was when mario got to 6-4 and peaked in and saw toad waiting there. "FUCK!" hahah. i think the best was when mario got gas in underground place and you saw all those goombas and shit flying outta the pipe hahaa. funny as hell.

violence : nice touches with the pole falling on mario and the gun sounds. but this is a parady so u dont necessarily need too much violence. good job with it tho.

overall : 9/10 (5/5). i definitely hope your score goes up over time. im rootin for you man. great job.

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Good flash.. But Mario's dead now.

Died in his own vomit, sadly.

Now please stop using Mario in movies ppl!

Very good!

You have talent+humor :) keep it up!

funny very funny

i laughed my ass of but some parts werent that funny.... good job all around tho keep up the good work!

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4.14 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2005
8:45 PM EST
Comedy - Parody