Sceb's 21st Mailbag

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I don't usually submit Mailbags, but this is my favorite that I've done so far, so I couldn't resist.

And let's address one thing right now:
(Because I know people will say it)
Yes, when I started FredtheMonkey.com two years ago Homestarrunner was a big inspiration. Since then however, I've developed my own style and ideas so aside from the fact that it's a Mailbag, not much else is the same.
I hope you like it!


Different Than Usual

Have you ever noticed that Fred is a little slow in the head. Hey why did you put a carrot in my cardboard self. I did that like a year ago. Speaking of the deal in the last 20(ish) minutes, I think it's a couple months too late for me.

JKR responds:

Yes, Fred isn't the shiniest dime in the sack, but he's a good guy anyway! As for the 20 minute thing, normally infomercials just SAY that but really you can call whenever and still get the deal. Thanks for taking the time to leave another review!

this flash deserves better.

so what it has a few simalarities to home* i like it. i think it is hilarious. i actually give honest reviews and dont give it a zero for being a little bit similar to another thing i like. so all of you out there who gives this thing a bad score for thinking he copied the idea is stupid. also cant someone have a mailbag or somthing like that with out being critisized that they stole the idea.

P.S. i am not a stalker.

JKR responds:

Thanks. It's nice to have someone understand that just because something is similar, it doesn't mean it can't still be fun to watch! =)
And thanks for yet another review, too!

PS. That's good to hear.

Con Artist.

Come on, dude. Think of your own damn idea's. E-mail's? Sarcastic remarks about the person's spelling. Sadistic replies. Your ripping off Strong Bad and for that you get a poor score. :( Weakkk.

JKR responds:

First off, a "poor score" is very much not the same as a "blatently unfair score". Seriously, sound as a 0? Graphics as a 0? Think about what you're saying here. I could care less about what people rate my things, as long as they get a few laughs out of it, but some people really do care about the review scores. So if not for me, remember for future reviews: You can give the overal score a 0 if you really hated it, but people don't deserve a 0 in things like Sound if they really did an okay job in that area.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to give me your honest opinion. Sorry you didn't like the cartoon or find it funny at all. A lot of people did, so I'm glad I at least reached them with some humor. I hope you will find something else here on Newgrounds that you enjoy. Good luck.


Yes. I'm seeing far too many similarities in this to Home*. I mean you have the whole flash based on e-mails and stuff. Plus the monkey seems a whole lot like Sad. I don't know how your other ones are, but I think it would behoove you to make it a whole lot more different than Home* so you won't seem like you're trying to make a better one. I think you're style is hilarious and I love your graphics, but you're too close to Home* on this one, and that just isn't right.

JKR responds:

Well thanks for the feedback. I'll do my best to make Sceb and the Mailbag unique and different. I keep working at it, and for a while I thought about stopping, but too many people say they like the Mailbags a lot, so I keep on trying.
Thanks again for the review!

Very nice, and I think I see the problem here...

I;m a big fan of your site and the mailbags. Before I review this, I'd like to note something about the people saying that this is like the Strong Bad Emails. I personally don't think that your Mailbags are that similar to the SBEmails, but this PARTICULAR one seemed more like an SBEmail than most. Usually, mailbags consist of multiple characters, behind-the-scenes references to the site, and discussions of current games and technology, all of which set it apart from H*R. This one, however, followed the standard SBEmail formula of one email-one funny resulting skit-end with easter eggs. So, I can see why people said you were ripping off H*R, even though I know you weren't trying to.

As for this actual Mailbag, It was good. Sceb's delivery was funny and the ad had some funny moments. My only real complaint here is that the easter egg at the end was rather unsatisfying. I'm not sure if something's supposed to happen with Clydex because I stopped watching him look around after like two minutes, but something more could have been done there.

Personally, I think that you should submit some of your other mailbags. Not only are some of them much funnier IMO (not that this isn't,) but most of them are much less Homestar-esque than this particular one you submitted.

But hey, they're you're cartoons and you can do what you want. Hope you keep making them, because they're really great.

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JKR responds:

Wow! Thanks so much for the long, well-thought-out review! Not only is it always nice to hear positive feedback, but the fact that you explained your comments and ideas really means a lot. Thank you.
I see your point. This Mailbag did seem more like an SBemail than some of the others. I'll keep that in mind for next time. Though I may still not be submitting any Mailbags here to NG anytime soon, you can bet they'll continue on over at www.FredtheMonkey.com, so keep watching! Thanks again!!

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Mar 16, 2005
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