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Welcome To Clocktopia PT1

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This a story of why rastaclock left his home from unfortunate circumstances!! And makes a lucky escape and later found by some new friends. Enjoy <3



i must say..

fun. i liked it. especially part when he was asked in by intervier clawk. haha


Oh my bloddy B! 5 <3

RastaClock responds:

Hehe... I still havnt made part 2 yet... I really should make it... And ive got alot better since this thing... =P

Didn't like it.

Work harder on your flashes. There were no tweens or fbf animation.

This is why people don't like the clockcrew.


RastaClock responds:

well, i understand your poiny, and this was before i discoverd Motion tweens, but anyway, i have got better, and i dont think you should be so sterotypical about the clock crew, just cos i suck dont meen all the other clocks suck, il give you a JER000PPPPPP FOR THAT COMMENT??!>!

this is great

this really good i dont know how you do it but your flashes get better and better hope part two comes out soon

p.s. strawberryclock is teh king of the portal

RastaClock responds:

Thanks you, you just made my day =D. im glad you like it and part 2 will be done. quite soon i hope. stay tuned, my good man thanks =)


Awesome work!

You Clocks never cease to amaze me! This film was fantastic, through and through! The graphics were well-drawn and smoothly animated, the sound effects were nicely chosen and well-implemented, the scripting was fantastic, with lots of excellent jokes and characters, and to top it all off, you included that 1337 song by Bob Marley! When the Clocks produce great works like this, it amazes me that there are any clock-haters whatsoever! 5/5 for your awesome flash Rasta, and you're going in my favorites list! :D

RastaClock responds:

1337 im so glad u liked it i dont understand why there are clock haters also. im glad there are people like you out there supporting us i greatly apriciete ur review and hope to see more of you (Review wise/Movie wise) thanks <3


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2.72 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2005
2:34 PM EST
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