Konoha Talent Show

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***ANNOUNCEMNENT 09/03/07***
My third flash movie "Konoha Dreams" has been released! Go watch it!

**Please check out my 2nd Naruto flash movie as well!**

This is my first flash movie that I ever made. I realized that I could have done some things differently to tone down the size of the flash file overall. But it was my first time making one and I was not aware that I could do some things more efficiently until near its completion. So try not to get too caught up with the size, it's just over 3 megs. If you're a Naruto fan, I'm sure you'll like it!

FYI: If you're epileptic, you might want to think twice about viewing this movie.



hahaha, great stuff.

I like how you used actual edited screen shots from the show, that was a nice touch. I liked the song, too. The beginning kind of dragged on a bit, and there really wasn't very much action in the whole thing, but it was pretty funny overall. On top of that, it was nice seeing something Naruto-y on Newgrounds. Good job!:)

MisterInu responds:

Yay thanks, you're one of the few who liked it lol. I made this movie geared towards the Naruto fans. If it was just solely for the general audience then I would've done things differently. Thanks for your input!

More Graphics!!!

I know it can be hard to get your hangs on Screen shots and graphics and all but the fact that you can count all the grahpics used in this movie with your fingers then see them reused again kind of drags the score down. The crowd doesn't look very exciting either as they are all seated. What sort of crowd sits around like that? a bored one.

MisterInu responds:

Lol yeah I used the picture of an audience taken from a humanities lecture room. So they all look dazed. And then I added the sounds of applause to make people go "what the hell? That didn't make sense!" But I guess I should've made it more realistic and used a picture of an audience that's more into it. Thanks for your input!

.....I like naruto a lot

but come on! atleast use some of the music actually from naruto?
and .... like you made it look kinda stupid sorry.....

MisterInu responds:

Well I didn't want to use the music from Naruto, even if it would make more sense. I felt it would be too Naruto-centered, and I wanted to make it more broader. That was Initial D music by th way. And yeah there were some parts that I purposely made kinda stupid. That was the point. But I guess that was a bad decision on my part. I wanted it to have a fun-feel to it. But thanks for your input!

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Mar 16, 2005
1:47 AM EST