Line Up: The GuessingGame

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This is my 2nd try on flash. In this game you have to guess who the mystery person is by asking as few questions as you can in 30 seconds. I hope you enjoy it!


I was wrong and I was right

I was confused at first, but then I understood (after reading the instructions). Although, I guessed a certain set of attributes, and then I guessed the person with those attributes, and it said correct and gave me a different person with completely different attirbutes. o.0 ah well, it was still fun. :D

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ok needs more

wouldnt be bad if there was more round instead of replaying


the game is just like guess and i liked guess who. Good game!

it could be better

ummmm.........what can i say...........i liked it but it could improve alot

You could take this so much farther

Add levels add things that give you more time add mini games add more people on new levels make it get harder as it goes on more attributes and so on also mini games could be between levels and decide how much time you get on the next level... other than that it was way to short and left me wanting more its a good start though

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2.31 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2005
11:31 PM EST
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