Final Fantasy Day Care 3

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**2/16/05** Front Page, Daily Feature, AND Weekly 4th!! thanks people!

- Now with a movie timer! -
Happy Ides of March!! Make sure you watch episodes 1 and 2 before this or you wont really understand it. Hey guess what? you find out why it is called FF Day Care now! that is, if youre not stupid.
fan and supporter - shockydragon AIM = IlyaandNick (happy now?!)


I freekin' hate this darn series!

Blam the entire thing, because it's not funny, it's pointless, and overall it's just a piece of bland crap!

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I'm not watching anymore.

My apologies, but this series started off weak, and it fizzles out into crap. I'm not watching any more of these. Your animation and graphics are good, but your story sucks. Your jokes are repetitive and predictable. It's like you and your friend got together and put in inside jokes that only make sense to you. I honestly don't know why everyone rates these so highly. I've played every Final Fantasy since NES, so... like I said in one of my earlier reviews. You can do a hell of a lot better than this.


that was just big shit

I liked it quite alot, however

You lied to us. You said they'd be no sprites.

And there were a fair ammount of sprites, at the beginning of the movie in the 'no sprites' thing and with the BM's kid and Fighter's kid thing.

Next time you're gonna make a promise like that, make sure you keep it.

DeuceNine responds:

Now, I could have gotten 2 different impressions from this review: 1) you are being sarcastic by exaggerating the situation; or 2) the 2 things that I did use sprites for (which were obviously for a explanatory and a comical matter) REALLY DID get your soft silk pink panties in a bunch. I will choose impression 1, because it makes me feel less disappointed in society.

By the way, thanks for that lovely 0, its lookin' mighty fine.

One good spot.

The only funny part was when fighters foot caught on fire. Thats it. Nothing else. The rest was cliche and stereotyping. Not all asians sound like that or act like that. Not all daycare employees are homosexual. Your a moron. Congradulations.

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4.20 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2005
7:42 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Frontpaged March 16, 2005
  • Daily Feature March 16, 2005
  • Weekly 4th Place March 16, 2005