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L1F3 Shorts ep.10

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L1F3 Shorts ep.10



Well the part that stood out of this was definitely the teachers voice i mean it was just so funny. I liked the different character designs you brought up in this and using the projector was pretty cool. The school setup was also pretty mad. I thought the exploding episode was a relief to me at the end i mean he was getting on my nerves. Overall interesting and it was good to see some regulars in this.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


thats another great episode of l1f3!!!!!

P.S: Ryanan, ur a fuckin assehole...


What wacky things could happen when a teacher shows the class a boring film during class? Various funny things that is - including the eventual breakdown of said teacher and other humorous things. The audio is pretty minimal other than the one explosion and the voices, but frankly it is enough for this movie. The artwork seems to be improving with each episode, as the look of the characters is fitting for the backgrounds which are fairly well drawn as well. It would be nice to have seen some more emphasis on the film itself and why exactly it makes people do what it does. I like that the premises are getting more and more outlandish - keep up the good work.


Pretty good.

Graphics-not much done. But they were still well drawn, and i couldn't do better, at least on FLash, so i rated high.


Sound- Do better voices. I had a hard time hearing some of it.


Same for rest...

Humor-funny. Goth joke was funny. I liked how the guy went from goth to happpy smiley face guy. :)


Good, but not the best.


good animation and lip syncing but kinda stupid... in a good way! I like the end bout how it ties in with what the bimbo said lol hilarious man

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3.29 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2005
2:51 PM EST
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