Plan Delta ep 2

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Episode two of the Plan Delta series. YOu might have to turn up your speakers for a greater part of it, but there is music.


A few problems...

First, you should really set your sound to streaming so that it can't get out of sync with the movie. This isn't really a problem with yours since there isn't too much going on to slow down the framerate, but people like to pause movies if they have stuff to do and don't want to have to restart it to get the sound back in sync.

Also, there were a few plot inconsistencies:

Why would the main character have a huge lock on his door if there is no crime?

Why would the military (there shouldn't even be a military without war, but that can be easily explained away) knock him unconscious to draft him? That's completely unnecessary...it's also unlikely that they would come to his house so soon after the invasion was announced.

If an entire planet worth of draftable people is entering the military, how could they possibly have the time to give personal attention to just one individual, and how could they be able to provide him with so much space?

I might just be nitpicking, but in an animation like this, you really have to make sure that things are correct so that the audience stays immersed in it.

Despite those minor downfalls, I'm really interested to see how the story progresses.

Gotzen-Dammerung responds:

Ok, I'm just going to attemt to prove you wrong at as many points as possible.

1. The military is there to ensure that there IS no war.

2. they could be announcing that there is an invasion after the drafters set out. The military wouldn't want to cause a panic before they get a fighting force.

3. There had to be some crime before the planet became free of it. The lock on Soran's door might just be a leftover, or just a tool for privacy, he is in an apartment building.

4. It took just a few seconds to draft him, so it's not that much time spent on a single person.

5. They knock him out so they can get him in the suit, and do clinical tests (give him shots etc.) without bother.

The only one I can't actually answer to is the big room he is in. I don't know why I didn't just make him wake up in a canister that is ingrained in the wall or something, but what's done is done. I might come back someday to fix that, but I'm too busy just animating everything. Anyway, thanks for your informative review. Lastly, if you find some sort of inconsistancy just remember, it's 300 years into the future on another planet with another system of government.

Nice job.

Looks solid. Preloader is a little messed up though, keeps flashing the play button while the bar loads.

Gotzen-Dammerung responds:

I noticed that too. Sorry for the inconveniance,and thanks for your review.

Great style and feel

I love the style of your characters. The shape of the heads, armor. Great stuff.

The sound could've been better. The storyline is hard to jusdge since it's developing, but I do want to know what happens next, so I guess that's all one could ask for.

Gotzen-Dammerung responds:

If you ndont' get it, you should probably watch ep 1, if yo haven't already.


The animation on this one was alot better.

But unfortunantly it was alot shorter. But I'm not complaining.

I could see that you made it shorter than the first episode so that you could make the fight scene all in one episode.. thats cool.

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2.89 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2005
7:18 PM EST
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