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Pawnshop Prick

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centuries in the making, real events, real people, real footage, this flash has none of these


Awsome FBF

Really funny. The graphics are a bit weird, but the excellent animation more than makes up for it. All that fuss over a spraypainted burgerking crown, sigh. I got really nothing bad to say about the flash. Maybe work on backgrounds a little more. Thats really about it. Very good surrealism. The flash just didn't know where it was going to go next. And excellent voice work. Clear and well done. And the fight scene at the end was very well done. Incredibly violent, and well choreographed, and the sound effects were fitting. The ending was superb, couldn't have seen it coming a mile away. Really good stuff overall. This is the type of flash i like to see. original, well made, and inspiring.

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Omg this movie rocks

oh dayummmmmmmm lol,

my god this movie was soo funny and soo good.
gotta love the overthetop violence and the random driveby shit scene, omg

i liked your artwork and style. it was soo funny and random

good work dude 5!

^.^ And they said you couldn't do it.

This is alot better than I thought it would be. X3
I like your style of drawing and acts of violence^.^ It's nice to have a story behind a blood movie, and nice to have a blood scene in a plot. :-P If that makes sense.


wow that was awesome, i liked how some random fat guy became a powerful king lmao

Just WOW!

LOL good episode!!! awesome animation , graphics needs a little work, sound is great, lol very great fighting! lol soo gorely lol i loved it , we need more stuff like this! lol everyone died, haha when the screen closed it killed that fat guy too. Awesome i love your work.


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4.23 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2005
6:07 PM EST
Comedy - Original