Bionic Commando (Fv)

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I know the contest is over, but I'm slow with Flash, and wanted to submit this anyway.

Also, please leave a review, I want to know what you think.

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For a first flash, it's excellent! The sound was prety good, and it was overall a decent peice.

Voice work, ( I know for a fact, having listened to his do it for about 3 weeks, ) was totaly, and compltely done by him. Much to my annoyance, he has not taken any innitiative to start on his fat mario project, but chooses to keep me in the dark about a so called "mystery" project.


FLASHvic responds:

You realize that you can't edit your review (Thanks allot Tom...) and sometime later this month, I will have completed my Project, and that review will be outdated. So please, choose your words carefully.

Well Done, Vic.

Hey man, good job for your first. I know I congratulated you through email before, but I figured a formal review would be appropriate, expecially considering that we're friends IRL, so yeah. First off, I'm a huge playstation fan, as you know, and I was tempted to take off a few style and humor points for your ending, but I decided to let it be. Just don't make it a habit to diss the PS2 in your cartoons. Also, you could have gotten me to do a couple voices to add some variety to it; I dont know if everyone else could tell, but I know pretty darn well you did all of them. It kinda stood out to me, yeah. Pity you couldn't have entered Randy Solem's contest, but we all know you so would have won! And I'm not just sayin' that cause I'm your friend and all.

Anyways, keep up the good work, and say hi to Rach for me.

Peace Out,


wasent too bad

It was good but i know that it could have been better some ways (such as sound quality etc...) but in the end I thought it was pretty good :)

it was ok.

it was alright but im not really a fan of sprites...but it was pretty good.

Is see talent

This is suprisingly good for a first time movie, I'll keep an I out for any thing else you might make. I have to say this, the guy with the southern voice scared my slightly (not trying to be racist)

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2005
1:39 PM EST
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