Steve's Life Episode 1

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Watch Steve as he goes about his daily, normal, life.

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the good:
nice drawing style. even though it was just plain black and white it had lots of details. i also liked the fact, that you had some sounds in it.

the bad:
it was pretty pointless. and some music would have been nice, too.

the ugly:
add some music to your flash!


This had me cracking up. You should continue this, I enjoyed it a lot!

Just not very good, man.

There just wasn't a whole lot there, man. It was quite boring, I couldn't even finish it.

Kolibiri responds:

Oh, you have to click the Play button first. A lot of people get confused here, and yeah, I'd have to agree it would be quite boring with just the preload scene.


I'm surprised that this has such a low score... kind of. The first scene where he picks his nose is disgusting. However, the graphics and style were pretty good, and so was the sound. I like the end scene, although gruesome. I guess this flash was funny in a kind of sick way.


Kolibiri responds:

You've just put a spark in my otherwise dark and sad day, and for that I thank you.


the NES wasn't nintendo's first system. before that they had one called the famicom that was really popular in japan. and before that, they had a pile of crap called the tv game 6. they even had shitty hand-helds called game and watch. just thought you'd like to know.

Kolibiri responds:

Famicom and NES are the same thing professor, the Famicom is just what it's named in Japan (short for Family Computer). Albeit, the Famicom did come out before the NES and looks different, it's still the same console, just different versions in different countries.

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2.61 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2005
1:06 AM EST
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