mario all star adv 3 pr2

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YAY 3rd daily. thats pretty kool adn im happy. Be sure to vist my site and join my forum at http://www.gkamovie.vzz.
this is the second half of all star adv 3. set quality to low. its got somebugs in the menu. enjoy.



I can't believe you killed off Yoshi!

Aww, all the good guys lived? I wanted the baddies to lose.

Despite a number of grammar mistakes that I found, it was okay.

Wow. Just wow.

The final fight with Bowser was amazing. But what about Dr. Robotnik?
Here's another thing with Knuckles that I'm finding odd. I should have said this in my review for episode 2. Since when could Knuckles go super-sayan? I mean, I've seen that sprite before (the one he has right before both him and Freeza use those huge energy blasts and blow off the top of the castle and send that koopa flying) but I've never seen him dash into the air faster than anyone can see (looks like he's teleporting) and play one on one tennis with himself, with Freeza as the ball!

Dude that was sooooo awsome!!

I just wached all of the Mario All Star Adv's and let me tell you I was soooooo blown away!! You my friend are AWSOME!!! Mario is the fucken SHIT man!!! You have some serious ass SKILLZ man!! I really mean it!! Good job man!!!

Cool movie

But why posess megaman X? He's cool! And why did Yoshi have to die? Couldn't he be saved?

Better, but still bad...

At least most of the action was with Luigi and Mario. :3 This was better than your last.

However, when I shut my eyes to get rid of all that Sonic stuff, I reopen them and there's Frieza from DBZ! What was he doing there? And what was with MegaMan? (I can understand RoboSonic and Scorpion, I think that's what his name was...Because Goro and Sonic and Knuckles were in the flash, too.)

Still, it was pretty good. =D

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2005
7:29 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place March 13, 2005