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Broken Saints FINALE

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Thanks to everyone on Newgrounds who supported our wacky little comic experiment over the past two months. We had no intention of 'screwing with the portal'...we just wanted to tell a touching story in a different style. There are so MANY truly talented folks here...just remember that trying to portray emotion is the hardest thing to do...but also the most rewarding.
Feel free to come and visit us at www.brokensaints.com - we'll be going live with a pictureblog soon and lots of other goodies. Spread the saintly word, and thanks again to Tom and the NG crew!!!


This is not just a series. This is a hallmark.

I can't believe you or anyone could create something so powerful with just flash and a painting program. This is a turningpoint in the flash community and a statement about humanity. I had no idea something like this existed on newgrounds. You have raised the bar. The visuals are stunning in the whole series and I think I might have cried at some points. Don't worry about messing with the portal you have improved it with this amazing piece of inspirational art. I hope the DVD is successful and I highly recomment this series to anyone who is a fan of graphic novels, an artist, or anyone looking for an life changing experience on the internet.

"...resolution..." [10/10]

I've been meaning to write a review for this series ever since the rest of the episodes began being submitted to Newgrounds, but I never got around to it. So I promised myself I would at least put in a review for the last episode, as I feel one cannot review something until it is over, and the viewer has fully experienced it. And what better time to write a review than the release of the Broken Saints Finale?

First of all, congratulations on gettin' this series to DVD. I'm sure the experience must be far greater with voices(+20 cool points for getting the guys who do Megatron and Cancer-Man :D). And rest assurred that if I had a credit card, the first thing I'd do is order a copy all for me(maybe a couple for my friends who are too lazy to watch the whole series online :P).

Now then, on to more pressing matters. I'd say the biggest complaint many of the people* at Newgrounds have, is that there isn't a whole lot of animation. Well, the difference between this and other flash series is that this series is about 95% hand-drawn/painted and then scanned. And another thing to keep in mind is that some people are better at animating moving pictures, while others are better at making terrific still drawings. This series uses the style of the latter option. Instead of using crazily animated single-colour creatures jumping around shooting lasers, what we're treated to is something that doesn't require smooth-as-silk motion. This series offers brilliant still art scenes manipulated through Flash, amidst a breathtaking plot, and a monumental and entirely original soundtrack, things many flash artists/authors can't even imagine having, let alone using, in their wildest dreams. The direction and the flow of this series is one that puts theatrical films to shame. Many people** here, I believe, are taking this for granted, with stupid reviews which follow the basic patterns of: "iTs 2 muhc intellgient talkin so i hate it! FAG! lol" and "Whoa, cool flash. You should make a series out of it. :D" -_-;

There have been counts of great artists leaving Newgrounds and refusing to post any of their newer works because of the demented people*** who give horrible attempts at constructive criticism, treating the reviews as if it were some sort of chat-program, where poor-spelling and complete ignorance are commonplace.

So you people**** are bored 'cause it has too much talking? Be glad this is here at all! By next week, the most intellectually-stimulating and groundbreaking movie showcased will most likely involve animals shitting and killing each other. Honestly, I tried to sit here and actually analyze this to come to a conclusion, but I already know that I have nothing but praise for this. Something as intricately-woven as Broken Saints only comes along once in a blue moon, maybe a lifetime. And I for one am glad that we had the privilege of witnessing the resolution to one of, if not THE finest flash movie series ever made.


* Morons
** Slow Teenagers
*** Ritalin Addicts
**** Huffers of Paint

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A hell of an Epilogue.

All good stories end where they begin - it's the same with any body of writing, really - Moses abandoned by his people, David in the wilderness, the Fellowship returning to the Shire, a new king arising in Lear's stead. Sometimes, the story is summarized, in greater or lesser degree - Neil Gaiman's Sandman, for example, ends with the Wake, but the Wake ends with an explanation of the Tempest, and draws parallels between the two stories.

This epilogue is on par with that. It ends with the resonant chords struck by the beginning; talk of dreams, twin sciences, and all the stuff that makes life worth living. Some people don't get that yet, and it's fine. We all evolve at our own pace - but this is a piece of magic.

The voices on the DVD add so much... the impact, especially from Tui and Oran, make the chapter all on their own. The possibilities awoken by what Raimi has to say is another matter entirely. The dead - thankfully, if some of the reviews are to be taken into account - remain dead, with hints of death not being absolute.

There is an eloquence here, a sense of grace that is rivalled by nothing on this site, and in few other places, regardless of media. The epic as a whole is haunting, a journey that makes the most of it's time, and leaves those that take the time to understand it much enriched for the experience.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this series, or count the ways that it has impacted my life. It truly is a blessing, 'a message from god,' as some other reviewer put it. Perhaps if people were a little more knowledgable with their theology, they'd understand that, but few followers of any dogma ever adhere to the faith they claim as their own.

Don't take the nay-sayers seriously - they can't, or won't understand. People are people, and most are unable to do anything more than pantomime a life. This series does more than that, touches on more aspects of human nature than some of the classics; even the Lord of the Flies does not cover as many facets of the human psyche as this series does, and that's saying something. The symbolism and depth that come so naturally to this series will grant it immortality, and make it a re-occuring visitor in the long hours of morning for those who care to entertain it.

Many are too stunted to see what this is, too limited to look above their bloody genitalia. Go enjoy the meaningless blood and death that prevails everywhere else on this site, and leave the difficult emotional stuff to those of us better equipped to deal with it... but feel free to join us, when you're ready.

Thank you, for giving us this gift. It is, in many ways, a god-send. I only hope it gets the attention it deserves.

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I never felt so much emotion in any story

This series is so amazing, first fear, then suspense, then anger, laughter, sadness, and so many more emotions, this is a true story from the heart.

Those that are new to newgrounds should definately check out this series...
I can't think of anything... that sums up this series, it's just too good a story teller...
Thank you, thank you, thank you in giving me the best story and the best drawings that I have ever seen, even by Adam Phillips.

*bows* I'm not even worthy.
What I'm trying to say is this... I cannot think of anything that is good enough to say about it...

Thanks for something different

I haven't seen the previous installments in the series, so I probably spoiled the ending by watching this one, but I still have to throw this review up. This work was amazing. While it may have been sparse on the animation side, I honestly cant remember the last time I saw comicbook characters moving on a page, so I suppose that was the original intent. The incredible art and moody, fitting music made it a joy to read, and the entire piece practically bled style for every frame.
Superb work, and thanks for bringing something slightly different to the forefront of NG.

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Mar 12, 2005
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