Frat Boys Ep. 2

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Frat Boys Episode 2 is finally here, much later than expected. The file size is much larger than the original, but it's also about 3.5 times the length. Please comment, because it helps us out. Also every single comment will be replied to by Benny "I'm funny because I'm a Jew" Hill. Thanks!



Graphics: Decent, but still lacking, they need to be improved, mabye try using another movie maker.

Style: I must say, the style...sucked. No offense at all, but it was way too choppy. It randomly went from one thing to another, I mean it lead up to one thing, but like, suddenly soemthing happend, then SUDDENLY something else happend. It was a nice length though. 3 is good.

Sound: IT was all there, not much to say.

Violence: Was there supposed to be violence? You mabye should have made the capture scene into a fight.

Interactivity: There was none.

Humor: I could tell there was humor in it, but I didn't get the humor.

Overall: Much improvement fromt he last movie, but it still lacks, I'd say this was an average movie. Improve the graphics and make the humor make more sense and you've got a good movie.

it was ok.

nothing to interesting or new, this really doesnt have any place anywhere but it was pretty funny.

Hambino responds:

I noticed you lowered our overall score because we scored zero on the interactivity and two on violence. look out for an upcoming choose your own adventure frat-boy killing flash.

you asked for input well you got it

dude i wasn't gonna review until i read your reply to the first review. considering you asked for input and all you did when you got said input was slag the dude off i can't see your cartoon improving. honestly, the pacing was way too slow, it just took way too long between jokes. some of the jokes were alright but i was pulling my hair out waiting for the next line of dialouge. i know "dialouge" is spelt wrong but i thought i should give you something to rip on me for so you can feel better about yourself or whatever. peace...

Hambino responds:

DUDE you spelled dialogue wrong! ha ha ha you're such an idiot. GOD that was funny.

Needs a better story

Dude, it's not that funny. The idea is good though. Keep improving ur flash skills. One problem is that at the beginning, u did get my attention with the russian, but thats about it. Changing scenes using 5 minutes later things get kinda anoying. And since when are russians fat??? americans are fat... thats what you should've put. anyways, you need better jokes.

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Hambino responds:

Devil's avocado:
we can't all cater to the one whose attention span is so short they can't even spell "annoying" or even "you". I can assure you that particular Russian is not the skinny type + like i said ealier,everything is based on true stories. That being said, i know the flash isn't always great but i probably spent more care with the animation than your mom did the expired condom that led to... nevermind. Thanks for the input!
-the review jew

Mildly funny

This wasn't too bad. It didn't have anything to do with frat boys really, but the russian jokes were pretty funny. The sound was way off though, man. If you want it to match up, change ti to stream. This will also decrease the unnecesarily large file size. Good luck on the next one...

Hambino responds:

It did have to do with frat boys because every episode is a careful re-creation of a true to life episode of my life at the fraternity. Well not really, but my russian friend did get raped by a biker once.
Next, what's your problem with my sound bites? I know they were off but i didn't want to mess with creative juices formed by nine hours of pcp and russian scat porn. by the time i came to it seemed foolish to change anything.

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3.07 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2005
5:52 PM EST
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