Tin:The Incompetent Ninja

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This is my first Flash movie. I made it for school for my first animation project. I based it on my second online comic Tin the Incompetent Ninja. Which can be found here


It's not the main comic on the site but it was a lot more fun to animate. Do hope you like it. Thanks for watching!

EDIT: I recently made two Newgrounds Wallpapers because being on the front page got me excited. You can find them here:


and here:



Good Stuff

I agree with one of the previous reviewers that this piece never feels like it's killing time 'til the next big moment.

Graphics: The somewhat formless main character is a bit ugly, but the backgrounds and especially your color sense are superb.
Style: It looked new to me.
Sound: A few sound effects would go a long way; the appropriate bg music, and clarity of the sound, were welcome.
Violence: Enough to make hormonal teenage boys bark a vicious little laugh.
Interactivity: There's a button.
Humor: You have some. Let's see more of it.

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SnafuDave responds:

Wow that was a VERY accurate review. I really liked how you broke your written review down into categories to explain how the score was given and how you came to that conclusion. I totally agree on all the points. I can also see how you don't like the design of the main character. I generaly like simple things by nature but oh well that's just me. Thanks for that excellent/detailed review.

Great work for your first flash. Hope to see more.

Definitely one of the better flashes out there already, I'm simply hoping there's room for improvement (considering its your first flash). If that's the case, I can see you becoming a top-notch flash film maker. The style is unique, the comedy appears to be genuine, and it didn't seem to fill up time. If not, the flash itself is still very well constructed and will easily be seen as one of the top flashes. Keep up the good work.

SnafuDave responds:

Thanks Timo13, I appreciate that helpful review and comments. I'm definately going to try and improve and make an even better animation next time. Thanks again!

woot u get a 10 :) i love this littel ninja guy

well at lest he got teh job done i love it when thay all looked alike lol i would like 2 see another 1

SnafuDave responds:

Deal I'll make another Flash hopefully by the end of the month. Everyone has been so nice I just have to.


i've been reading snafu and all the comics its hosting for a while now. the flash looks really good, its very smooth and the backgrounds are very nice.

i think you can thank vg cats for my readership :D

SnafuDave responds:

Sweet! Well then I'll have to tell Scott Thanks tomorrow then. VG Cats absolutely rules.

That was awesome

It was pretty awesome. It was funny how they all looked exactly the same, but what makes Tin incompetent? I mean he slaughtered an entire city of guys. THats gotta make him some sort of super ninja. Anyway it was a great flash, and I hope you keep up the good work with the comic. And yes they do let "Them" vote now.

SnafuDave responds:

BLAHAHAHAHA I love that you read "that" comic as well. But yeah think of this as a Pre-quel to Tin's first comic. And he still didn't get Chung Him Yuen as the 2nd Tin comic will show. But yeah that comment about "them" voting is beyond funny and I'm so happy you've read them.

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4.01 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2005
12:18 PM EST
Comedy - Original