Jungle Girl

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The great thing about hentai games is even the losers win if they are pervert enough ^^

This is my first flash so hope I killed all bugs and hope you enjoy.

Controls are simple use a,s, and d to dodge different tentacles (or not dodge, heh heh) 'q' is quality toggle or you can right-click (if the game runs slow try medium quality!)

If you think I'm a sick bastard for making this hentai feel free to tell me it's always fun to read haha. If you ARE a sick bastard like me visit my site to see more!

Updated Jungle Girl, full version available now!
Full Version includes
8 New girls to play as
13 New enemies
5 New levels
Updated/improved graphics
Gallery Mode
and much more!
Download link in game.

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Unintuitive controls and low quality artwork. That's gonna be a yikes from me.

I believe this was the first game WAYYY back when that turned me towards tentacles

The classic that spawned a whole forum in his name. How far we've come... Problems of the future, today indeed!

I love this game but sadly the person who made this missing in-action. You can't not download the full-game or go to his website.

old classic on this site, but one problem. Someone hacked and changed the account. The original owner has been dormant for ages (I used to frequent the site when I was younger). If this really is the original creator, then shame on him, but for how long LineMarvel was dormant, I'm 99% certain this is a completely different person trying to take advantage of something that was once popular.