Broken Saints CH 24 ACT 5

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In this SERIES CLIMAX, the saints have fallen and Lear's plan is imminent. But he needs his genetically engineered daughter - SHANDALA - to transmit fear to the world. Will Gabriel's display of violence turn her back to darkness...or has God truly brought them all to this moment? In the quiet corners of the globe, four strangers received a message...they have overcome all obstacles to uncover the truth. What will be gained? what will be sacrificed?

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I really have appreciated this series. I admit this could have had more action. She kind of looks like Rei. Actually, she reminds me of Adam from "Neon Genesis Evangelion" too. You know, the whole cross thing. I love the artwork!

It's just great to have everything come together. I just don't remember most of their names! This series has been a real treat. I'm probably not into it as much as most people. Everything looks as beautiful as ever.

After purchasing the DVD from Newgrounds and watching the whole series, I've decided to write a review on everything I've seen. Keep in mind I watched the version with voice acting and all the fancy gimmicks.

Broken Saints. What to say? Well, first off, the visuals are amazing. Everything is very well drawn and the comic book style really works. In the end, it's just as easy to watch as a movie, and it has a unique stylization to it. The small bits of animation that are included are done very well, although I feel like some of the tweens for walking should have included a little up and down bobbing to simulate footsteps.

Sound: You did really well, the soundtrack is really great, sounding atmospheric while covering a handful of genres to fit whatever mood was right for the scene. The sound effects are also quite good, and helped with immersion a lot. The voice acting was hit-and-miss for me; the biggest issues here are Shandala and Kamimura. Shandala's voice actress is way over the top. Nobody talks like that. At some points, the incredibly slow tempo at which the characters spoke made Shandala's voice actress sound almost as if she was moaning into her microphone. It almost bordered on poor taste. Kamimura's issue was his accent, which was inconsistent and tacky at times, though this wasn't a huge issue.

Getting into the meat of it, Broken Saints starts very, very slowly. Without voice acting, I wouldn't have lasted through the whole series. When writing a quick summary before reviewing this, I managed to condense the entire plot into 21 sentences. The entire first disc of the set can be summarized in five of them. The biggest issue here is that so much of the screen-time is taken up by people speaking way too slowly, or with people getting overly poetic and contrived in their dialogue. Perhaps the biggest issue with these is that characters spend the first few chapters thinking to themselves in order to deliver boring monologues. Scenes like those of Kamimura meeting the egg farmer or Raimi tricking Sandra into letting him use her computer were well-written and worth the time to watch, and more scenes like those would have been better for setting the exposition to the story and introducing the characters to the viewer.

As the characters met up, I found the story to be much more interesting, although in some ways it was kind of predictable. None of the characters have very intense personalities, although I do like that you put in a little bit of Oran and Kamimura butting heads - at least it did something to fill empty space.

When it came to Lear, I felt like the story went from giving too little information to giving too much. It was a little boggling taking in so much information after so much needless buildup, and I think having introduced Lear's characterization earlier would have made it easier to digest. All of the talking he does really amounts to him wanting power over people in order to impose his personal judgment on the world to remake it as he sees fit. All of his monologues can be summed up in one word: Hubris. Yes, his speech was good, and it was interesting, but it was scattered, nonsensical, and throws the viewer off for a bit before they realize that his motive is really not that complex at all. It makes the aftertaste of the series underwhelming.

Shandala's true nature seemed to come out of nowhere, although I suppose it did factor into the plot and wasn't too big of an issue for me. Still, I couldn't help feeling like it was a hastily constructed excuse to justify some plot hole.

The ending was pretty good, and I felt like it thoroughly put the narrative to a close. The whole thing with Shandala was kind of cool, and I can't help feeling like there wouldn't have been a better way to end the series. My only complaint here is that the ending is a little bit plain, and the only real reward or takeaway for having put up with ten hours of buildup is Lear's monologue, which was good, but not spectacular.

Ultimately, the length of Broken Saints is understandable, given that it was written as a comic. I can see why it's as ongoing as it is. However, for all intents and purposes as a film or animated series, I think this could have been condensed into a six-hour twelve-episode series, like a single anime season, or even a two to three hour movie. Much of what happens seems completely unnecessary, and too many things drag out the plot to keep it interesting all the way through. Your ending is solid, but much of what comes before it is simply boring.

A great conclusion...

At last, i've finally finished viewing an amazing series.

I'd recommend this over heroes any day.


the end of BS nuff said

Very nice

First, I'd like to start by saying that this is good. Nothing bash-worthy, at the least. I just have some gentle gripes

But it'd like to say this to those who are getting extremely defensive about BS: look, not everyone is going to like it. I have to admit, I thought a majority of it was a snore-fest, considering I had to skip to the climax while ignoring the last 23 chapters. I mean, there is barely any motion in it, and reading text bubbles gets to be annoying after a while. This is, in no way, the "Genius" that people are saying it to be. C'mon, half of the dialogue in this chapter didn't even make sense. Though I do admit, it is artistic in its own sense, it's nothing like reading a good book.

And I like how people are suddenly "kids who watch porn" because they don't like the low tempo of the series. C'mon, generlization much? For people who are "sophisticated" enough to understand BS, you sure bandy around names like children.

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