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A Plate of Butter

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This is my first time working on a cartoon series, I hope this is the first of many beautiful things to come!!!


audio needs work

get yourself abetter mic and im sure you'll do fine

i just dont like that messy style

besides the fact that the title's really random, and the phone looked like a palm piolite you did pretty good.



Artboycat responds:



Very nice graphics man
I'm in school, and i have no speakers so i haven't heard sound!
Dont be ofended with my 4 in sound...

Keep it

Artboycat responds:

Don't worry about it, I appreciate that you took the time out to see it! The sound quality and acting isn't a favorite so maybe its better you saw it without sound.....

Cool art, horrible sound

If you hate your voice that much, use text-to-speech synthesis. Hiding your crappy voice under layers of effects just makes it sound bleary and obnoxious.

Couldn't watch the whole thing cuz the voiceovers sucked so hard.

Artboycat responds:

I'm sorry that you hated the voice acting and sounds so much but I don't think it was my intention to hide my "crappy voice". My use of effects was to get a certain idea across not to mask anything. I personally did not enjoy the quality of sound that I used in the animation but its the best I could do with the technology I have. I have great intentions to improve upon this in future episodes but for now it is what it is. If you personally do not like the sound of my voice, I really can't help you with that! I think thats more of a subjective opinion then an objective view of what I am trying to achieve in the animation.

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3.27 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2005
11:34 AM EST