Mario's Last Stand 2

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Mario gets dual M16s. Mario gets dual katanas. Things go boom. Compared to the previous Mario's Last Stand, the action in this one is actually well done and I really spent a lot of time fine-tuning it. There is a little bit of story at the beginning, but if you like, you can skip that. Oh, by the way, there is lots of violence, with goombas and koopas gettting massacered. *Note* Well, this film isn't getting the reviews I was expecting, so leave me a review if you like or don't like it and what I may or may not need to change in future flash animations
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Yo, this shit is cool!

I like violence in movies and crap like this, plus I like older Guns N Roses music, so you win twice there. If only Mario had a truck (bullet-proof, of course, with spikes on the bumper) to run over the koopas and goombas with. That woulda been awesome. Still, the violence gets you an automatic 5/5 from me. Nice work.


Tyler... youve done it again! Superb! I am a fan of all things that blow up, so you can expect 10s all around from me! LOVE the war theme! It would be super cool if Mario takes to the offensive an attacks Bowsers empire, leading a toad battalion into combat atop Yoshi! And Luigi back! And maybe Wario! ( yes, just so you know, I am a war- hungry maniac who reads all the books on war) KEEP EM COMIN!

pretty good

that was good but big minus it that Mario used sword on bowsers shield!

You continue to wow me...

In MLS1, mario refrained from killing anyone, sort of, i mean you never SAW them ACTUALLY die, i mean bowser came back, didnt he? But....he goes from pacifistic fireballs to LETHAL DUAL M16s?!? Great job Tyler King...great job.


it was great except for the fight with bowser. it need to be more emphesized and to have bowser do like some ninja moves and a sword fight between them or sumting like that. it was to short.

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4.12 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2005
9:52 PM EST