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05 Unfinished mix

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So many potential movies, so little motivation... Made because I'm out of ideas and I had nothing better to do.

I think my ambition is my main fault. I'm a new animator, but I keep trying to make something that's a masterpiece.

Bah. I'll make something halfway decent one day. Comments appreciated.


I give it a 10!

Simplly loved it...especially after all the other junk ive seen today this was great!

I see a lot of potential.

There were a lot of neat ideas there, and the animating talent is very evident. I especially liked the look of that "Char" one about the ruined city.

I really liked the sketchy, black and white art in a lot of the scenes throughout all the clips, and I think it'd be pretty neat to see a full animation in that style.

Anyway, I'm adding you to my favorite artists, so I hope you'll have some full animations soon.

Good luck and all that.

((( COOL )))

This was great and it does have a sense of random plus creativity to it which is cool, and very interesting, i like the style and great use of color giving it a sense of random aswell as artistic to it all, anyways nice job....



dont you dare make those into their own movies. i really like the randommy feeling!!! i really like your 2 works

great potential

Very interesting artwork. you have serious potential and should folow that. It looks like you have some good ideas. A bit of advice, dont try to make your "masterpiece" pick one of those ideas ... at random if need be and just finish it up. You dont have to submit it, just use it as a stepping stone to further projects. Date them and one day you can go back and see what you've accomplished over the years. good luck and keep at it.

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3.01 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2005
7:57 PM EST
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