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Mar 8, 2005 | 9:27 PM EST

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"In war, retaliation goes like an Atari game... it never ends"

Don't think it is humour because it has graphics and sounds taken from old school vg. The point is "war sucks and counter-attack just make things worse". If some people laughed watching the plane crashing, bombing Baghdad made some politicians laugh too. This will never end.

English text version will be done as soon as i get back the editable file.



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Peope here on newgrounds are mostly hypocrits (I don't care if my sppeling is right or wrong), they laugh about a guy with a machine gun killing religious guys, saudi-arabians, or any kind of atrocidy, but wen the 9/11 is on the cene, they become crybabies, like “Ohhh, you shoundn't talk like that, blablabla, terrorist, people have died, blablabla“ SO WHAT? People have died on both sides, by guns, racism, hunger, porverty, police power, crime and all those shit. People here can't wait the flash to finish to see the real message on it, they get the first scene and run crying to they mother skirts saing “mommy, I saw a guy mocking 9/11 on the computer“. NEWSFLASH, this isn't a mockery, this is a critick to political and military actions and retaliantion.

A propósito, belo flash o seu, adorei, bom trabalho

quadrado responds:

Valeu pela força, tô gostando de ver que tem gente do Brasil achando o meu filme no meio desse universo que é o Newgrounds.


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i loved it but...

thisisnt the place for it, on Newgrounds there are alot (and when i say alot i mean ALOT) of immature and closeminded people who follow majority and look forward to movies of violence, stick figures, agression, sprites, mario etc. Its full of people who make posts like "YOU SUXX WHAT DO YOU THINK OF PUTTING THIS SHIT HERE?" (usaully betwen the ages of like 8-11. Its a contreversial flash-not so much over the fact that at the end you eplain yourself, but because of the fact that many CHILDREN here will see the first scene and close very fast without intuition. Its sad but its true, and its sad that this hasnt scored higher. I'd love to see more.

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You should probably explain what the purpose of the flash is before it begins to play... Or you are going to get negative reviews about you being a 'terrorist'...

Just so you know in the future...
If I hadn't read your description, I would have said something extremely offensive and negative about you...

The Flash though...
Not too bad. Put your 'point' in your movie so people don't get the wrong intention.

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The only funny thing was the old atari/nintendo sounds.

And to DarkSpriite,

1. The author's profile clearly states he is in Ontario (That's Canada :o)

2. Read the author's comments and stop being a dumbass.


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only here

Your god given right to express yourself that is won by every soldier dying in other countries now, in the past and in the futer. We as americans have founded this right with the blood of many an american and american supporter. This however does not give you the right to sit at home and say that what happened to america was right, or even funny. To condone the sensless acts of terrorists, cutting off the heads of people who cannot defend themselves and flaunting them on the internet is abhorrent and leaves you no better than the terrorists themselves. Whether you believe why we are in other countries right now is irrelivent to this flash. TO CONDONE THESE ACTS OF SENSLESS VIOLENCE IS WRONG IN EVERY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. If you like it so much, leave. spare us your thoughts and quit being an air thief.