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Like the music and you draw well, the ending was kewl, it was really dark and unpredictable. I thought he was going to bury a body but nope.

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I'm not sure if you know who this guy is but that moive just reminded me of Brian Beaton.
I liked this very much the only peeve i really have is the guy riding an moving platform up the hill.
But this is excellent as most flash movies come.
And a big Plus for the Manson.
Great Work.


Most of the reviews I've given out recently have been really, really bad. So I find it neat that this is getting a good rating.
It gets what it deserves though. The animation is excellent (though the walking up the hill is a little jerky), the story is great, the lack of voice-overs/words is well executed...and the ending was a shock to me. I won't give it away, don't worry.
This really could be one of the best flash movies I've ever seen, from a purely artistic standpoint. The loop issue, as has been mentioned even by you yourself, brings it down a notch, and the animation's nature of being not completely smooth, down another. But this is a great story in a short movie, and done entirely without words. The choice of music was good, and the volume and quality and such were good (up until the loop at the end, of course). I agree with previous reviews: a replay button and maybe a loading screen would easily put this on the top ten in my book. Top five even. Excellent work, Zero. I hope to see more from you in the near future.

SpartanZero responds:

I'm almost speechless for a response to that review. I appreciate it beyond words, and I'm quite shocked myself. I will definitly work out those issues, and re-upload the flash. As for the future, I'll be sure to work harder on my next animations. Thanks again for the motivation.

Great mood and nice art...

work to make this a really solid movie. I guess it goes to show that a good story and good art is probably more inportant than how long you've been doing flash for. Your use of animation was very effective too. This was definatly a solid peice of flash. I guess the only way to improve would be to add a loading screen and a replay button. But Im sure you've been told that. Keep it up man

SpartanZero responds:

Thanks man, much appreciated. I'll add both a preloader, and replay button tommorow.

hey, that was pretty good actually...

I liked the art a lot. Some of the animation could have used some work. Specially the guy walking up the hill. His legs don't move smoothly at all. And a little lacking in story too, but if it was just a couple day job I won't bash you on that. I'd like to see stuff from you in the future. Plan out a good story and gogoggo!!

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SpartanZero responds:

Will do, thanks!

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3.52 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2005
1:31 AM EST
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