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god damn. that was a powerfull clip. jessica was her gf and he couldnt take it anymore so he dug her tmbstone and suicide. thats how i felt when i broke up with mygf.................but she was a total BEATCH!!!!!!!!!!


For being new to Flash, you sure do know how to animate. I was very pleased with the way the characters looked and even moreso with the backgrounds, especially the first very establishing shot of the cemetary. Eventhough it was a bit long to start off a movie, it looked great - so it is acceptable. A quick ending to a movie that could have a story with a possibility of a sequel, had it not been so definative in the end. Maybe something could be reborn or come back alive or something like that. Nice use of music, it is one that is rarely used anymore, but you pulled it off. It definately fits with the dark look of the movie, set at night, in a spooky cemetary. Good work, and for only your second submitted movie, it is great.

Very Nice.

This was a high quality animation. It moved along very well and the different styles used in this all seemed to come together nicely. The song was quite good and really fit and I think that it was also a very good choice to use that particular version as well. All in all I think this was a worthwhile animation and I hope to see more and better from you in the future.

Lotta Potential

The style and graphics were pretty nice. The blue shading of everything really made the mood. But the animation was. really. really. slow. Speed it up a bit! Otherwise - the sound quality was a little on the low side. It's my opinion that if you're going to have continuous music - and good music at that ;-) - then it should be decent quality. Otherwise, pretty nice flash you have here. Nice job.


Is hard to let go.

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3.78 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2005
1:31 AM EST
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