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You're on the right track to developing a great flash and i know you're getting better with it. But try working on fluid animation loops like when the character is walking up the hill, it just shows his right leg moving back and then jumps back to the starting position. My suggestion there is to animate both legs in a realistic fluid motion...like have one of your friends walk normally or up a hill and recreate that in your flash.I also agree with the other guy, some scenes just sit there, and no one likes watching nothing happening in a flash. I would keep working on this, make it longer, show the main character remembering "Jessica," all the good time he had with her and what led to her death. work on all the things i talked about and you will have one hell of a flash, good luck on future submissions.

Not bad for couple of days work, but too slow.

Some of the shots just sit there too long. Animation is like music, it has to have a rhythm and a decisive pace. Its a common mistake a lot of beginners make. A shot should last just long enough to establish itself and be understood by the viewer, no longer.

nicely done

good flash man! i loved the animation style of the character and the settings were pretty good too. the only thing that caught my eye was the way the character walks up the hill, i think you need to work on that a bit to make him move smoother. but hey, other than that nice job!


It was pretty good... personally I think the original Eurythmics version of the song was much better.

It was good....

...just good! Nothing bad to say, but I agree w/Ziddy on that the skeleton shoulda been a fleshed out body.

Another thing.....Marylyn Manson didn't exactly write the lyrics to that song, it's a cover of an 80's song...also titled Sweet Dreams

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Mar 8, 2005
1:31 AM EST
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