Mattyboy Episode 1

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This is just a short cartoon about my past experiences with my friends. Hopefully this will start a series. Please visit my site and stuff.
In this episode, we have beast fights and exploding basketballs. I hope you like it.



That was pretty gay. Learn to draw better, and write better stories.


RebelliousStudios responds:

Don't worry, the 2nd one should be a lot better.


i think in the next episode you should get some talent or explode.

RebelliousStudios responds:

Coming from a man who has had no succesful flashes submitted to newgrounds...

That was horrible

That was a huge waste of my time, it was pointless, nothing about it was the tiniest bit funny, the animation was horrible, it was just god awful. Trust me, dont make a sequel, no one wants one.

RebelliousStudios responds:

Maybe you don't...but some might...


all though it had its good parts it had many bad parts
I mean the overall movie was ok but it could use some major touch ups. Maybe you could work jointly with another artist to put some new aspects into your work. I hope to see the second one soon and see if you have improved. I have hope that this succeeds as a series

RebelliousStudios responds:

Thanks...someone who gives some good advice.


Interactivity: the clickable parts. instead of just making exactly where the letters are. make a button of sorts invisible if you wish. it was a pain in the ass to click on Play in the beginging. other then that. i'm left feeling WTF. because well the ending was just wtf. but it has promise. and i look fordward to finding out what the hell he did to that ball.

sound: king of the hill and mario.... interesting combination. the king of the hill matched what was happening in your opening (i think it was an opening) but the mario music didn't make sence to me. which is why i have an average score for sound.

humor: switching to stick men was humorish.... kinda...

overall: just an average of the other nums.


RebelliousStudios responds:

Thanks for the really good advice...I'll do better next time.

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2.75 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2005
11:42 PM EST
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