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FFVI Tribute

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My second tribute to FF6(FF3 US). I took some of the advice I received from my first and applied it to this one. This one features 12 characters(Gogo and Umaro aren't included) in 5 to 10 second clips. Total time is about 1 minute 20 seconds. Also, almost everything is animated frame by frame.

Edit 03/06: Woohoo! My first award! Thanks to everyone who voted!

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You forgot Umaro. :P


this game is so awesome and underrated why do 7 8 and 10 get all the attention waaaaaah, they new so they suck


Muuuuuuch nicer. Wow. I just reviewed your FF3 Tribute and I totally just got what I wanted. I really enjoyed myself. Great drawings. I love how everyone had their own little 15 minutes of fame in this one too. Great music and again...great drawings. Seriously! Nice work!


I really dont like serious stuff on newgrounds, but after edgar this really made me laugh. Nice job :D

Great Job

Qurt its not suppose to be funny its a tribute. Great job man i like how you opened with sabin really brang back the FF3 days.