Phantom of the Shitter

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Let it run a few times for it to run smoothly...

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this movie is crap


Sometimes im a sucker for immature humor. This was one of those times. I gave it a 3 because i am ashamed of my self that I found this SHIT (drums beat) funny.


I don't get why people think taking a crap is so funny. I don't know how old you are, but I think the only reason this got protected is there are a bunch of little boys just like you that protected it. Your animation really wasn't even bad, so it's a shame it got wasted on this. Because that's what I liked about this, and that was all there WAS to like about this.


what the fucking hell was that shit???? like the guy b4 me...no beginning, middle, but some end....no plot no humor...no twists, NADA, nicht!! nothing that suckd like hell!!! u want good....go watch the legendary frog videos or somthing that every1 knows about...if this is ur 1st try though...well nt...frog can hint u


Every Story has a start, a middle, and a end. This seemed like all you gave us was a End, and a crap one a that.