UO-Miner Short Story

June 25, 2001 –
December 13, 2011
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

The author of this movie did not submit it to NewGrounds, I did NOT create this movie, http://www.pudnation.com did, and I shall recieve no credit for this movie.

Please do not flame about the author "Ripping the graphics and sound off of another program".


ahhhhh.... memories.

Ohhh player Killers :) I havent seen those sine I left Fellucia..

to Gecko : The Grafics you saw here was from the game ultima online and it WAS In game Grafics.

to Poster : Thanks for posting.

Not entirely sure what those sprites were from, but it was Diablo-ish if you ask me. That was... disturbing, and yet interesting. All in all, it wasn't all that badly done, but there really was no theme to it. Two miners get killed by three strange manlike creatures - and? Graphically it was poor, and didn't show much talent at all. It was one of those "simple" movies, but at least there was some animation.

The greatest PK'ers out there... Well, maybe not anymore... Sweet movie. Miners are so easy for PK/PP

I think its funnier to players of UO, that know how it is when you are innocently being a newbie and some pkers show up, and this was just humorous, just like anytime you see a pker come and kill newbies online.

Funny, sorta. Anyways, only reason I'm writing this is so people won't see the last reveiw which was done by a total DUMBASS. Perhaps you should read the author's comments before complaining about someone stealing shit. He say's it's not his. Anyways, that's my rant of the day, or something.

you stupid piece of shit. you ripped this from Pudrick's site. those movies are years old. you suck. take these off now... all of them you stole. its called plagiarism. jackass

Ok, NOW I get it. Gmud, PK, stuff like that. Yeah, it was funny, and I liked how you plainly admitted that you didn't do the film. That earned ya points. It's cool shit. Have to visit the site sometime.

UO is awsome you dumb fuck, yeah this was stole but oh well, chaotic jelly is the real fucking homo for insulting UO, what do you play DUke Nukem? get a fucking life

the other UO related movie that this person STOLE... UO newbie. But it still sucked ass, because it's about that game that all the fags play, UO.

so so so so so so so true!


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