UO-Fun With Newbies

June 25, 2001 –
December 13, 2011
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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The author of this movie did not submit it to NewGrounds, I did NOT create this movie, http://www.pudnation.com did, and I shall recieve no credit for this movie.


That was a really stupid movie. It really was, and first of all did you ask the original creator of the movie if it'sokay to submit it to NG?

What was the point come on we were all noobs at one point and it aint fair to mess with some kidd who doesnt know what he's doing, this movie sucked

The first scene truly reflect the attitude of PKs in UO. I HATE PKs

what kinda inbread piece of shit r u. r u goin to go around floggin off other peoples shit now. U SUCK. Fuck u buddy

you stupid piece of shit. you ripped this from Pudrick's site. those movies are years old. you suck. take these off now... all of them you stole. its called plagiarism. jackass

Tormenting newbies is always fun.. But I hated that stupid rap.. rap sucks

No. That movie had no followable plot whatsoever. I couldn't tell who were the newbies and who were the other peoples! Then again, since the person submitting this decided to take the time to RIP OFF the movie from someone else, I should be giving him 0's in every category. But Idon't want my reviews erased, so I'm being nicer than usual.

You were nebies once too! everyone i've only been here a couple of months like 3 or 4 with different names, i guess that would make me a sort of newbie... sort of but newbies are what keep this world together! if it werent for newbies there wouldn't be new people

Reminded me of UO a lot, well of course, as it's about UO, and it makes me angry to think that people can go round like that on the american UO servers and mask their swearing and not be banned. UO was a good game before the gamemasters became petty! they banned me for having characters with names such as 'fatass' needless to say it was very unfair, and I will NEVER be playing this game again! The graphics suck, it's outdated and full of a load of stupid tossers!! As IF the PK's would win... when I played they ALWAYS died.. losers.

geez i wish you COULD do that fireball-5 purple potion combo.. im afraid if you keep making uo look so cool well have more newbies to worry about :\

Ahhh what great memories of UO that was back befor they gimped the game.*wipes a tear* those were the fun times for pks (i was one) good movie! brings back memories!

I would've given it a 1, but I like Eminem, so you get a 4. Whoopee!

This wasnt too super. All the graphics were ripped out of a program, plus the sfx. The only funny thing was the plot, because for those UO players, killing Newbs was a damn good source of fun...

Thanks for commin' out...


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