Crap Bag - Super Hero

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I'm going ahead with episode 2 - which will be much longer and more storyline based - If anyone wants to help me with it - visit the forum on my website (www.random-plus.com)

It's the newest and coolest super hero ever: A Bag of Crap!!

I made this flash in one afternoon.
If you guys like it, I'll consider making more 'Crap Bag' episodes.


-Subliminal Messenger



this isn't too bad ;) maybe you should make another one with more action =)

Banjax responds:

Ok - will make a newer, better, crappier crap bag with more action!

Glad you like the concept :)

i protected it.

"Crap Bag"hmm.... that reminds me of Mike in the Friends show, when he changed his name into Crap Bag.

Banjax responds:

That was my inspiration for the name - I just made a crap bag that was literally a bag of crap :)

Thanks for protecting!

Hey not bad

Well I'm protecting it.. but I dont really think anyone else will.. its a great concept and you could do a lot with it if you spend more than 1 afternoon on it. If it gets blammed try again harder cos I think Crapbag and your flash talent together is a fairly good mix

Banjax responds:

Thanks - I'll will spend a lot more time on the next one :)

Its Kinda Ironic

Ironic eh... its a movie about a bag of crap
And its just like shit!
Surpisingly tasty and undoubtedly good
you cant stop at one

Banjax responds:

Lol thanks

Interesting Concept....

It'll be interesting to see if you come out with a sequel and can develop a bag of crap into a real super hero. Props up man, pretty nice work.

Banjax responds:

Thanks - I'll spend a lot more time on a sequel, so will hopefully be good - I'm glad you like the concept.

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Mar 3, 2005
3:52 AM EST
Comedy - Original