FFVI:The Time Before P-1

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This is what happened before the game that everyone know ( ff6 )...This is the first Part. The second Part is already on Newgrounds so it will be possible for you to watch it after this one!
I hope youll like it!

-You can also leave me a review of how you liked it. I read all reviews and answer to all of them.

-You can also Leave a vote!!! =D


Looks interesting..

But the fast text, and bad grammar is kind of a throw off. Im sure the next ones are fixed though, so Ill check those out. ^^


this is the prime of sprite animation. I personally believe that this is a great series. A good prequel to the series

DanyLaporte responds:

thank yopu very much :D even if this video is not real good I always enjoy to have comments :P

the guy before is right.

it's not accurate with the story. it was good in some parts. i liked that you had the battle music from ff6 but there is definitly room for improvement.

DanyLaporte responds:

eh yeah! thats why I improved that much in my next part :P Thanks for the reviews :P

Good, but not consistent with the story

Yeah, Sabin never knew Locke before they met in the game, Sabin and Edgar hadn't seen eachother in years before the game, Sabin didn't get invovled with The Returners before the game, and Terra was a mindless slave or Emperor Ghestal and Kefka. You should have played the game again to refresh your memory. Sorry to point all that out, but It would have bothered me as a F.F.3/6 fan if I didn't. Good luck with your future title. ^_^

DanyLaporte responds:

loll yeah.. as u can see this video has been made years ago.. I started to know at 120% ff6 at like part4... when I made this video I almost didnt know anything of ff6... since I was pretty young XD... but after I finish my serie.. ill remake the first videos :P.

good movie

it was very good for your first flash but the words went way to fast. i liked how you ended it with it describing that will be told in the next episode. good job.

DanyLaporte responds:

lol thx... has bveen long for it to be accepted on newgrounds XD... but when it got accepeted, it gave me the feeling to make na other one... I wouldnt be doing part6 now if this wouldnt have been accepted on ng :p

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3.17 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2005
11:11 PM EST
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