Tamagotchi Abuse

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The fad may have sorta died, but these virtual pet of hell is still annoying as a pube in the eye. Abuse them at your own leisure.


Pretty good

You are the first author that I have even considered as puttin as a favorite Author. You should be very honored because I am very very strict with submissions lol. This game didnt do it...your rapz did. Just read my reviews on them and you'll see why. Great little game though lol. 2 thumbz up t('.'t)

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mean but funny

besides the first option(molest)wich i didn't like ,somtimes I feel like doing those other things to my tamogotchi .(anoying bugger)

cool enough

always fun to to abuse defenseless creatures. hey cherry_popper: Ikky ikky pakang zoomboing alahlah.

*Claps politely*

I give you golf applause, man. I had a tomogotchi in 3rd grade, and that thing was hell, so BRAVO! I love this game. Especially the Molest button. Very nice.

Rather pase and lame

But what do I have to complain about, you gave us Arnold Govenator, one of my favorite flash movies of all times. The game didn't have enough to do, and only one of them as a selective kill (the bomb was weak and doesn't count). If I'd seen this when I first started coming around 2000 I'd be impressed, now we're all spoiled with movies like Salad fingers and Xombie, and games like doomed. And also, hey fucktard Crazy_boy, it's a four year old submission, what do you expect? Make more BentTV, and no more Tamogachi fucking.

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3.13 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2000
8:11 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy