Tamagotchi Abuse

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The fad may have sorta died, but these virtual pet of hell is still annoying as a pube in the eye. Abuse them at your own leisure.



This is just sick, very sick. I almost showed this to my little cousin untill I realized what it was about . You are the sick fuck author.

Killgame Tamagotchi

Another cute thing of 2000s years to destroy.
Cute graphic, cute the idea of reproducing the tamagotchi videogame.

Awsome old gadget

Lol ok this was pretty funny, i think i remember having one of those watches that was like this, it was pretty amazing, at the time but very dumb after two minutes lol, kinda neat to see how you put it up here, but this cute little device you have here could be abit better, possibly with more options, and i wouldnt mind seeing some "COLOR" on this too on the actual action on the screen, i know that it was that whole lcd screen and all but still, maybe if you just put in the color for the text, maybe like a "NEON GREEN" now that might be kinda neat and still spicing it up without messing with the screen and all, just somethiing to think about, but also i would like to see this improved like with a larger screen even, so maybe a larger viewscreen of the whole flash and all, now these are just a few ideas that could really spruce things up abit, but for the mostpart i really did have fun with this, and it was entertaining so nice job all around on this one.

well a few things i mentioned would be a larger "VIEW-SCREEN" and even more options with a touch of color for the text that pops up with each action, but for sure more options.

Fun old gadget, brings back memories.


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We have idiots below me...

Are you all serious? You're judging someone's work just by your own feelings which I may add are just sad as this is a "GAME" and as such isn't real and by voting it down you seem to be dumbing yourself down... Stop with these ridiculous claims of being " cruel " ...Thank you.

Now for the game, I found it funny but it gets old quick. Obviously this was made to test your skills at flash or for a project, etc.. And you have had a major increase in your flash making skills so I'll rate this a 6.

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Nice little gadget, but it gets old pretty quick since there's not much to do nice work on keeping the style throughout the short animations, but there's not really too much replay value to it in terms of being a game.

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3.12 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2000
8:11 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy