Red Speech

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A collection of some hate mail. Emails have not been changed. Keep em coming


Real funny

I wonder when one of those guys is going to suicide bomb your home :D
Seems like USA really is going from patriotic to fascist. Hard to say which are more fanatic, Al-Qaeda or some of the republicans :(

Anyway keep up the good work.


^^Good Points^^
An interesting movie. You definitely get a lot of hate mail, and reading it all was pretty interesting. There were some really funny ones in this, and I'm glad you decided to showcase this. The background graphics were pretty well made, and I also like the different pictures you had in here. The sound set a cool mood too.

^^Needs Improving^^
These are always funnier when you actually read them and then make comments on them. Just reading them myself doesn't give the same effect as some submissions like "My favorite reviews". You should watch that to see what I mean.


I find your propaganda flashes irritating, but these are some of the funniest e-mails I've seen in a long time.

you ruined it!!!!

The one time I could agree with you and you have to blame Bush at the end. Just blame the Democrats. I now see taht although I am critical I am not the worst when I write reviews. I at least try to keep them grown up. I am NOT a republican. I am NOT a democrat. I am usually undecided until the last few days of the election. It's funny to see very passionate conservatives yell at liberals who dont give a damn and seeing pissed off liberals yell at conservative who could care less. Other than that ending, this was actually a pretty funny flash.

it isn't stolen content he's signed up here

OOOOH..... OOOOOOH..... OOOOOH>>..... i bet u got some hatereviews just like that from bush lovers

did it ever occur to you the guys this isn't stolen content the guy who runs the site submitted this stuff damn it!

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Mar 2, 2005
4:12 PM EST
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